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Reasons To Love Linen

Reasons To Love Linen

There Are Many Advantages To This Natural Fibre


From bathrobes to blouses, it’s the fabric we have to thank for many a great slow fashion investment. It’s lightweight, breathable and also extremely sustainable. Here’s our quick deep-dive into linen’s greatness…

Wabi Pants

1. It's Low Impact

Linen is derived from Flax – the cactus of all the textile plants. This hardy crop can grow on dry soil, requiring nothing but natural precipitation for growth, as opposed to cotton its needier neighbour, that demands intense irrigation (around 7,100 litres of water per kilogram) as well as regular pesticide and herbicide treatment.

2. It's Long-Lasting

Linen is thought to be the world’s strongest natural fibre.  Its resilience means it won’t lose its shape after washing, and its softness will intensify wear after wear, so you can enjoy your pieces for seasons to come with the knowledge they’ll only start to feel lovelier.  We recommend hand-washing them with a natural detergent and skipping the tumble dryer to preserve their timeless-ness.

Anna Blouse

3. It Keeps You Cool

Linen is by far our favourite material to style in the heat…so much so that we may just have to nickname it the holiday fabric. Its high absorbency and conductivity helps to ensure maximum coolness and comfort; vital components of any beach ensemble in our opinion.

4. It Biodegrades

In the right conditions, pure linen can decompose in as little as two weeks, meaning it won’t litter landfills, unlike manmade fibres like polyester, which can take between 20 and 200 years to disappear.  It’s a no-brainer…

Gretl Romper

5. It Creases

Linen’s crinkled texture that results from water molecules causing new hydrogen bonds to form within the fabric is definitely more of a blessing than a curse as far as we’re concerned. There’s nothing like being able to blame a wrinkle on science as opposed to your reluctance to iron!  It’ll also add charm to your outfit by giving it the perfectly imperfect treatment.


6. It's Zero Waste

And best of all, the growth of linen wastes no resources whatsoever, as all parts of the flax plant are harvested and put to some kind of use. If not for clothing and textiles, the fibres and seeds can be made into a whole host of useful things, including paper, varnish, vegetable oils, toppings for your smoothies and overnight oats (we’re talking about linseeds in case you were wondering) … the list goes on!

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