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REV Talk: Conscious Gifting

REVTalk - Our Guide To Conscious Gifting

Consumerism can be done in a way that inspires and elevates. Its the effect of our individual choices. Biggest question people ask me… If you are all about sustainability, wouldn’t you create a business that wouldn’t sell anything? Honey, we are in a reality of a consumer economy — REV founder

"If everyone lived like western consumers we would need up to 5 planets to support us."

REV sits down with The London Chatter, Kelly Eastwood, activist, designer and former model, Lily Cole, Haeckel’s founder: Dom Bridges, and Peter Simonsson, the founder of the White Briefs — key influencers in the field of sustainability — to talk about how to remain conscious this holiday season:


Cora: First of all, can everyone please briefly introduce themselves? Tell us a bit about what you do and why you are here today to talk about conscious consumerism.



Lily: Who has been working in the space of sustainable fashion for 12 years, rep of WIRES Sunglasses.


Dom: Margate based, ocean enthusiast gone seaweed cultivator via natural skincare.


Kelly: Buy-to-Give Projects highlighting the environmental state back in Kenya where she is from.


Peter: “I’m a Swedish Guy” — founder of The White Briefs Company.


60% of new clothing ends up in landfill or incinerated within its first year of purchase.

Cora: What has inspired you to live your lives and run your eco-conscious businesses?


Lily: There is a hypocritical nature of consumerism. After working in fashion for years, I began looking into the supply chains of the brands I was wearing.


Dom: Realising the mess we’re in is at the front of mind when there is the physical act of jumping in the sea and wanting to protect this thing that gives your home its identity.


Kelly: A certain responsibility comes along with influencing people. You can inspire people with the new — where they eat, holiday, shop — so, why don’t we influence them consciously, as well? We are making conscious decisions sexy and fashionable, and I have the power to use my platform as a digital soap box rather than just promoting another pair of shoes.

An average child will accumulate 238 toys by the time they are 10 years old. They will only play with about 12 of them.

Cora: As parents, how are you approaching gifting to a child this holiday season when they now have such incredible access to information and are even marketed to by children’s brands directly?


Peter: You realise with parenting how less you need things to have fun with your kids. It’s about presence not presents…


Lily: Yes, Peter, I agree with presence > presents. Truly, what makes her happy is spending time with mom and dad.


Dom: I’m from a weird culture, dad made things out of wood when I asked for ‘Deathstar’ ! Darcy, all she wants is a brother and sister right now, and we can’t provide that so we are actually adopting… someone you need versus something.


Peter: I’ve adopted too (shakes hands with Dom), I’ve done the process.


'Sustainability needs to be aspirational. 100% of the profit from my jewelry line goes to ocean conservation projects on the coast of Kenya, and my next door neighbor runs the project' - Kelly Eastwood

Cora: Dom, your working with natural ingredients at Haeckel’s — among a beauty industry constantly pulling from the earth — Is simple the answer to skincare? In choosing this, do you feel like you are giving back?
Dom: When I came to Margate, it was a run-down town and what hadn’t fallen away were the sustainable businesses.  Seeing all the seaweed on the beach, I thought, what could I do with this? I was at a summit in Taiwan with Google, teaching people what to do with their natural resources on the harbour with an understanding of their celebration of the earth. On their beaches, there is only enough seaweed to make about 80 bars of soap and a handful of serums a year, but we will take that. Now we are onto Jamaica, which has more seaweed than Asia altogether. I can’t think of anything better than a company celebrating its core ingredient however it can.



"In a world where business and capitalism is so dominant, we must evolve the system into a fairer, more positive version of itself. There is a power bestowed in spending money and we must use it to encourage consumers and companies alike." - Lily Cole

Cora: Peter, as your brand is unisex, do you think innovation making things more gender-neutral?


Peter: The model is key in changing the way we produce things. A dream scenario, though… not overloading stock, making everything unisex — I love that idea. It’s a democratic point to it all, enhancing the state of equality in society.


Cora: Kelly, you work a lot with the communities back in Kenya where you are from. How do consumers know if a charity is genuine? Is there anything we should be looking out for when donating at the Holidays?


Kelly: You have to get people to spend more for something they can get for less. We need to democratize conversation to appeal to this. My brand’s low-price point makes sustainability accessible.

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"It’s not a matter of greed, but a matter of making a global, local in a way. Crawling along as we do it" - Dom Bridges

A HUGE MERCI to our incredible panelists – you inspire us and allow Rêve En Vert to exist!


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