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The REV Team Behind The Scenes

Meet The Internal REV Believers

Today we wanted to open our own doors for individual empowerment week and ask three members of our team how they have made individual change in their lives and careers. We are so glad to have Nancy, Romane and Juliet sharing the changes they have made personally and professionally.


Why choose to work for REV ?


N - I’ve always loved clothes, but my fashion degree really opened my eyes to the amount of ‘dirt’ within the industry, from unethical labour to water pollution.  As a consumer, I feel uncomfortable purchasing high-street clothes which may or may not have been made in sweatshops, and I think a lot of people feel or are beginning to feel the same way. I decided to join REV because I wanted to be part of an organisation that not only sells stunning pieces but that also tackles the issue of transparency; advocating a more conscious way of living.


R - I believe in what REV believes in, and that is bettering the world through fashion and lifestyle by offering honest luxury.

J - I’ve always felt a little astray from the pack in the sense that I was a little boyish, but not quite a tomboy. I loved the outdoors, and always wanted to go on hikes and adventures, yet I was also very into fashion. For a while I was torn between pursuing a career either in fashion or studying marine biology and conservation. REV is the ideal company for me as it combines all my interests and allows me to be myself. It’s also the one company where I truly feel like I am making a difference and encouraging people in doing the same.



Feeling empowered…


N – I feel empowered to be a part of an organisation that is committed to encouraging society to develop a new relationship with clothing, from demanding to know where and how items are made, to investing in quality pieces that can be worn again and again, as opposed to buying fast-fashion.  It is incredibly rewarding to be involved in pioneering this movement and seeing so many individuals and brands getting on board with it.


R - At REV, I feel that I am part of something. After working here, I cannot picture myself within another company.  I know what I want from a personal and professional point of view thanks to REV.  I want to make the world better and I am certain that I am contributing towards improving the future. I know I am a drop in the ocean, but I believe that several drops can make a big wave.


J - Feeling empowered for me is becoming more knowledgeable about the world I live in and how to help which REV truly enables me to do. I also feel very proud to work at such an innovative company where I am part of the bigger picture. As Nancy previously said, I truly believe REV is a pioneer and being a part of the mission to make fashion more responsible is incredibly rewarding.

What I’ve learned or changed…


N - Working at REV has been extremely eye-opening, for it has enhanced my awareness of just how confusing the concept of sustainability can be to consumers, of fashion and otherwise.  I have learned to differentiate between brands who seemingly use the term as a marketing tool and those who are genuinely invested in becoming more socially and environmentally responsible.  I also find myself developing countless eco habits, from using as little plastic as possible, re-using things where I can and buying second-hand.


R - I work amongst a team of talented people who I am constantly learning things from. We are all interdependent.


We share our different viewpoints, have discussions and come up with strategies together, and through this, we have formed a true, enriching bond.  Since being part of REV, I have developed conscious habits such as using a keep cup for my coffee and preparing my own lunch instead of buying food in plastic containers. I have also become a lot more aware of my purchases, having recently started buying groceries at farmers markets and using organic beauty products.


J – Working at REV has taught me so much on a professional and a personal basis. And I think we all keep on learning more everyda. The changes I have made since my arrival have been to try even harder. I have always been quite conscious when it comes to plastic but reading on a daily basis news about the current situation has truly got me much more dedicated than I ever was before. Additionally, because I feel so proud of working at such a company, I find myself constantly spreading it’s message (but not in a preachy way).  I like to remind those around me of the importance of making conscious decisions, and highlight how the smallest actions, like buying plastic bags at the supermarket do have an impact.