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International Day of Yoga

June 21st is the International Day of Yoga, and here at REV we try our best to practice since we know it's good for us (running a fashion company can be a tad stressful). So we wanted to share a few of the things we have found about the practice that makes it so relevant to incorporate into everyday life (when possible).

Regular yoga sessions can reduce your food cravings and help combat overeating.

Yoga requires calm and focus. The poses also require people to pay close attention to their bodies. And researchers suspect the increased mind-body awareness developed from the practice is what gives people an edge against many of life's challenges. Like how to whiz by the fast-food drive-through and head home for dinner instead.

Yoga can help ease the symptoms of OCD.

Most traditional yoga involves either active or passive meditation. Active meditation involves being aware and concentrated on a mantra or calming thought through movement during yoga poses, while passive meditation involves sitting or lying down and deliberating slowing the body down through deep breathing.

Slowing down and creating stillness in the body while also emptying the mind can help people with OCD become more aware of their thoughts. With awareness of thoughts comes better control of thoughts.

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A natural pain killer, yoga can also bring relief from migraines.

It turns out that your mother was right—good posture is important. To stand well, begin by placing the feet hip-width apart, with the middle toe pointing exactly forward. Make sure that the top of your thighs are moving backward and that the tailbone is NOT tucked but moved slightly backward as well. The breastbone should be in a diagonal line, so that the bottom of this bone is moving away from the body, the shoulder blades dropped, and the eyes gazing straight ahead. If you find this difficult, try balancing a book on your head. This old-fashioned trick actually does improve posture. Once you have established this pose, called tadasana, or mountain pose, try to maintain it standing, walking, and sitting. It will create the least amount of fatigue in the neck muscles and will thus help to reduce the occurrence of headaches.

Put down that anti-wrinkle cream, it turns out yoga actually has natural anti-aging benefits.

Yoga has been shown to reverse the aging process by the positive impact the practice has upon the body. It gives elasticity to your muscles, tones tendons and ligaments, reduces fat and slows weight gain, calms your heart rate, and eases your mind promoting a bodily as well as a spiritual peace. Improved posture is also an important aspect of yoga. Bad posture is something that an aging body will most likely suffer from at some point. Yoga additionally strengthens ones back and shoulders and also promotes a strong sense of balance, all of which are important keys in unlocking the door to the world of anti-aging

Too much wine last night? Certain yoga poses can banish your hangover by working the thyroid gland.

Yoga is thought to be especially beneficial as a hangover panacea because it is noted to release toxins, improve circulation, and aid the digestion process. Yoga helps relieve tension in the body from head to toe, and gets the blood moving so that every part of the body feels oxygenated and rejuvenated.

Especially you can try Navasana (boat pose).

We know that a hangover messes with mental and physical aspects of the body. This pose — which tests abdominal strength — enhances balance and digestion. The intestines, thyroid, kidneys, and prostate gland are all stimulated, thus jump-starting the metabolism and speeding up the detoxification process. Balance and coordination are improved, both of which can be compromised due to inebriation.

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