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The Beauty of Buying Local

The reasoning behind our locally made collection.

Rêve En Vert is committed to reintroducing the connection between the consumer and the producer in a world where this link is increasingly disintegrating. The brand names that dominate the modern day wardrobe should not just provide aesthetic satisfaction but should quilt together a story that narrates the life of the product, from its birth to the hanger. In a world with a bourgeoning ethical conscience, the days of outsourcing production overseas in an attempt to cut costs is outdated.


Clothing went from being made ‘for somebody’ to being ‘made for anybody’ in the midst of the supply chain revolution. As a product of outsourcing cheap labour, clothes have become more and more disposable at the expense of developing countries. The designers at REV make up a community that ameliorates the traditional notion of fashion. Our designers are devoted to fostering a connection to the production process by producing as close to their studio as possible and respecting local traditions. Focus is placed on developing relationships with their surrounding communities through supporting local initiatives and causes.


Johnstons of Elgin funnel their resources and expertise into local community projects in Elgin, Hawick and the wider region in which they operate. Their ethos is rooted in an appreciation for the local schools, businesses and other partner organisations that make up the community around them. Johnstons’ process of production is completely transparent, they open up the Elgin heritage site and offer guided tours of the Mill uncovering the manufacturing process.


Modern Urban Mystic, Pamela Love, produces her jewellery line domestically in New York and L.A, ensuring that any manufacturing done outside of the US is carefully considered and vetted for social and environmental responsibility. The pioneering jewellery brand strive towards an eclectic mix of traditional techniques and new technologies to help them move forwards.


Similarly, Danish fashion brand Signe carefully curate a collection of feminine minimalistic womenswear with sustainability in mind; all garment are handmade from their Denmark Studio and shipped worldwide.


Shop beautiful clothes that have beautiful stories.  Click to shop our designers that love local HERE.