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Chatting to Guy Morgan

Chatting to Guy Morgan

About his natural Apothecary in East London

We chat with Guy Morgan, Clapton’s premier purveyor of natural skincare and the mastermind behind the organic apothecary range.

Guy Morgan Range

Can you tell us the story behind Guy Morgan apothecary? What inspired you to create the brand?


My parents’ interest in natural remedies and my mother’s passion and knowledge of fauna played a significant role, along with growing up surrounded by the dense woodland of rural Somerset, U.K. I began making skincare solutions for myself years ago, motivated by friends I was inspired to push my knowledge and research further and make a business from it, expanding beyond my own personal skincare needs. My aim was clear, to create effective skincare that was natural and organic, as well as being unisex – I kept the design minimalist with references to old apothecary’s and text books.

What does sustainability mean to you? And how is this reflected in your apothecary brand?


For me, it’s giving back wherever possible and producing little to no waste. Using organic ingredients I know that they’ve been grown in a sustainable fashion – this is not only beneficial to the earth but to us with their superior quality. All packaging used is recyclable, I have a preference for card and glass. The paper stock I use for all my products is FSC certified. I’m also working with One Tree Planted, a none profit organization that works with various charities replanting forests. I’ve implemented the option to ‘buy’ trees on my website (£1 = one tree), as well as donating to their cause.

" Using organic ingredients I know that they’ve been grown in a sustainable fashion – this is not only beneficial to the earth but to us with their superior quality."

Guy Morgan Clay

You pride yourselves on using the finest quality natural products, where do you source the essential components that make up your products?


Wherever possible I source ingredients from the U.K. Our face mask range comprises mostly of natural clays, the Kaolin clay featured in two of our products is mined in Cornwall for instance – one criteria I look out for with clay is that it’s sun-dried, compared to be being dried in vast industrial ovens draining energy.


What product from the range would you place in the pocket of every Londoner?


Black Thorn Facial Oil is by far our most versatile product. This unisex light weight facial oil offers intense hydration from just a few drops, protecting the skin from London’s pollution and UV damage. Black Thorn bark extract gives the oil skin firming qualities. Its compact size makes it travel-friendly.


What is your most coveted wellness secret?


I believe in a slower pace of living and remembering to take time out of the day to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. This is something that I believe in so strongly that its essence is installed within Guy Morgan Apothecary. Take for instance our range of clay masks; preparing the mask yourself with water and applying it can be an almost soothing ritual – it slows us down a little and lets us appreciate the process and benefits.


Your studio is based in Clapton, what are your favourite local spots to grab coffee and hang out?


I take my coffee seriously which Is why I’m glad Pacific Social Club in Hackney Central is around, their casual and friendly vibe is always appreciated along with their impressive record collection and food. Just up the road from them is ROOMS, an elective vintage homeware shop that always has unusual finds. Not far from there is St. Augustine’s Tower, its surrounding church grounds are beautiful, particularly in the Autumn/Winter period.


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Words by Darci Imbert.