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Christopher Raeburn Covers the Arctic

We discover the inspiration for the latest collection of the London-based designer


‘Outside a glacial storm roars and throws loose items out to sea. Inside the warm Inuit homes, seals are skinned, skins are cleaned, and birds are flayed. Laughter sounds as stories of heroes, storms and hunting trips are told under the beating of the drum. Everything becomes a picture.’


— Ragnar Axelsson


Ragnar Axelsson is a photographer reared from a remote part of Iceland, with a passion for the beauty of Northern landscapes and people. His venture, Last Days of the Arctic, takes a look at the rapidly changing lives of the Inuit people as their environment shrinks away from them. Just how long these communities can survive in this changing landscape is unknown. It seems more certain than ever now that their lifestyles will have to change beyond recognition, something that will not only change the physical landscape they live in, but also the cultural identity of the Inuit people.


Taking inspiration from Axelsson’s iconic exhibition, Rêve En Vert designer Christpoher Raeburn’s winter collection POLARIS references this disappearing landscape, community and crafts of the far north and it’s people. The collection sees the launch of luxury knitwear manufactured in England, as well as some of Christopher’s most iconic remade pieces to date. We are happy to have a selection of these pieces on revenvert.com.


See the collection HERE.