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Christopher Raeburn’s new collection

We look at the story behind his latest designs.

The best word to describe Christopher Ræburn’s collections would probably be ‘functional’. This has always been at the core of his designs. Sure, a coat must be aesthetically interesting and beautiful, but you have to be able to confidently face the rain too.

This desire for functionality in his collections derives from his personal wish for his clothes to be user-friendly. He loves to be self-sufficient and would be the happiest if he could wear everything he needs on his own back. It is also something he learned from listening to his – usually male – customers. Men will, more than women, ask the question “what is it for?”

His products need to be functional and therefore they need to makes sense. This means that sustainability for him was a logical thing to focus on. Next to working with sustainable fabric manufacturers, he works a lot with old military products that he gives a second life by transforming them into brand new designs, which he calls Remade. These old materials have often been lying around for a long time and have a real story to tell. This gives his designs an interesting dimension.

This Spring/Summer 2016 collection is called Sarawak, named after the jungle territory of Borneo. This theme is seen in the utilitarian silhouettes, the elemental colour palette and the fabrics used by the traditional adventurer, kind of like the Indiana Jones type. The pieces are easy to wear and made in neutral nature colours like green, black, beige, blue and yellow. Adventurous is the perfect word to describe this collection, because the clothing reminds of explorers and challenges the wearers to go out and explore the world for themselves.

Ræburn uses old airbrake parachute fabric for some items in this collection. For the panelled dresses and tops he worked with Vanners, a silk mill in the UK, to exclusively create the yellow silk and white crinkle crêpe de chine silk used in these pieces. The printing on cotton and jersey items was done in collaboration with Avery Dennison RBIS with heat transfers.

Even though adventure, jungle expeditions and military artefacts were the inspiration behind this collection, a lot of the pieces are very soft and feminine. The light yellow and white silk dresses and tops for instance would be perfect to wear to a lovely spring brunch.

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