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Designer Spotlight: SVILU

Mindfully Made Pieces

Our line SVILU produces designs that are incredibly wearable and always have a slightly unexpected twist to them. Founders Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo wanted women to adapt a style that is modern yet able to withstand the ebbs and flows of trends. The timeless element of the clothes makes the brand even more sustainable, for they are less likely to end up in landfill when they no longer fit with current fashion trends. “We want to be able to do fashion better. Sustainability is all about doing something that’s been done for years and years in a better way – a way that’s going to be more long-term and more effective,” say Britt and Marina.

Both Cosgrove and Polo have worked for large fashion houses (Prada and Vera Wang for instance) but in 2012 decided to start their own sustainable brand. “Working for big designers helped us refine our own direction and gave us a set of tools that have helped us grow SVILU,” they say. What they saw on the sustainable market at the time was mainly a lot of workout apparel and loungewear. They wanted something that was ethically made and suitable for their daily lives in New York City. Women had to be able to walk around in their clothes the entire day; the clothes needed to be comfortable enough to work in and chic enough to wear to a bar or restaurant after work. SVILU provides comfortable and chic items that blur the lines between masculine and feminine.

The name of the brand comes from the Italian word sviluppo, which means development and is a very important facet of the company. Fashion needs to develop in a way that makes it more sustainable for the environment and the people working with it. The clothes had to be ‘mindfully made’. Making this the driving force behind their label was a priority for the women. To Harper’s Bazaar Cosgrove said: “it was a cool challenge and I think it helped us grow the collection rather than hinder it.”

 All of the fabrics used are as eco-friendly as possible and Cosgrove and Polo are always looking for ways to reduce their impact on the earth whilst maintaining the integrity of their designs. “While there are fewer materials available for us to work with, we see this as a framework for creative solutions, rather than a limitation,” they say. This open-mindedness to new possibilities brings them to work with fabric suppliers that, for instance, create polyester out of post-consumer plastic bottles and that use dead stock fabrics. To make sure that these fabrics get turned into beautiful clothing in an ethical way, the entire production process takes place in New York City, where they can keep a close eye on everything.

At Rêve En Vert we are very happy to work with such a mindfully made brand. One of the items we feature is this casual yet sophisticated 100% silk shirt. The burgundy colour and the lovely flowers make the relaxed fit more chic. Fabrics used by SVILU are OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified, which means that they meet the highest sustainability and ethical standards. The flowers on the fabric are printed with a digital fabric printer that wastes very little fabric, ink, water and electricity.

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