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Earth Hour

We're tuning off all the lights. Help us to celebrate Earth Hour!

Tonight, a wave of darkness will sweep over the globe for a very bright cause; at 8:30pm local time it is Earth Hour.

The Earth Hour is facilitated by a daughter organisation of WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). Once a year they organize the event to take place in 172 countries worldwide centred around switching off the electricity for one hour. The movement is created to make people aware of the effects our daily electricity usage has on the environment. Through this hour of awareness they want to create tangible changes in our consumption habits across the world.

Our globe is heating up and even though we all love a nice warm summer, we also like our sea level to stay low enough for our ocean-front favourite cities (i.e. Sydney, Miami, etc.) to stay above water. At this moment the earth is warming up at such a rapid speed that, according to a recent article in the Guardian, this February’s global temperature was 1.35˚C warmer than the average temperature for the month. This is the biggest margin ever had. Because of the warming planet, every kind of landscape will eventually be affected. Rainfall will be heavier, draughts will be drier, hurricanes and typhoons will be more intense and costal flooding will grow more frequent and damaging. These are just the short-term effects, the long-term effects are far worse and extreme and we don’t need to get into them just quite yet.

Of course you could say, “What impact am I personally going to make by changing my energy usage?” but if we all keep saying that we remain at status quo. That is why Earth Hour is the perfect moment to start making a change together. Because if we all  make small changes, like switching off the lights in rooms we’re not in, doing a bit less laundry, turning down the heat and riding a bike to work, it will have a large impact.

Being more conscious about your energy usage will not only help the environment, but also save you some money, which you can spend on lovely candles to light when you turn off your electricity. Switch off your electricity this Saturday, grab some loved ones and focus on what’s important in life and what you can do to preserve the earth we live in.

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