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Proust Questionnaire with Isabell de Hillerin

We re-create the Proust Questionnaire with Isabell de Hillerin.

We love the Vanity Fair proust questionnaire so much that we created our very own. Here we test it out with Rêve En Vert’s favourite designer out of Berlin, Isabell de Hillerin.

Since starting her own label in 2009, the young Munich-born designer Isabell de Hillerin has been seducing the fashion world with her own signature of elegance. Inspired by the traditional artisanal heritage of Moldova and Romania, De Hillerin’s take on the cross-cultural is refreshingly contemporary: traditional elements are worked in with a minimalist edge, revealing a creation that is hybrid of past, present and future. What’s more, her label celebrates the truly authentic. Intertwined with each piece, is a remarkable story, rooted in de Hillerin’s Romanian origins.

With a new range of accessories and her next collection in the works, we caught up with Isabell de Hillerin from her studio in Berlin to get her take on R.E.V’s own Proust Questionnaire.


R.E.V: What music are you listening to at the moment?

Isabell de Hillerin: Rodriguez, Poliça or Feist.

R.E.V: Your favourite colour.

Isabell: Black.

R.E.V: Your favourite time of the day.

Isabell: Morning.

R.E.V: Something you can’t live without.

Isabell: Friends & Family.

R.E.V: Your ideal getaway.

Isabell: Hopefully I’m not going to have any reason to escape from anything!

R.E.V: A book you are currently reading.

R.E.V: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

R.E.V: Your favourite type of landscape.

Isabell: The Catalan outback.

R.E.V: What makes you laugh?

Isabell: Slapsticks maybe.

R.E.V: A personal ritual.

Isabell: Coffee and cigarette in the morning.

R.E.V: Your favourite artist.

Isabell: I don’t have a favorite, but Anselm Kiefer would be one of them.

R.E.V: Your favourite mantra or motto.

Isabell: Remember why you started!

R.E.V: If you could build a dream city using one material only, what would it be?

Isabell: Could a dream city be made out of dreams?

R.E.V: The place you feel most at peace.

Isabell: My home is my castle.

R.E.V: Your favourite film.

Isabell: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry.

R.E.V: Your favourite magazine.

Isabell: style.com

R.E.V: The strangest thing you own.

Isabell: A dog.

R.E.V: Your idea of beauty.

Isabell: Inner beauty is the real beauty.

R.E.V: Your favourite museum or gallery.

Isabell: Neues Museum in Berlin, because of its architecture.

R.E.V: Three things you would bring on a desert island.

Isabell: Lime juice, Tequila, Triple Sec and the perfect Sundowner cocktail is guaranteed!

R.E.V: Which is your preference: sea, jungle, mountain, forest, savannah or desert?

Isabell: Sea.

R.E.V: Your favourite historical character.

Isabell: Elias Howe.

R.E.V: If you could have lived in any other time period and culture, what would it have been and why?

Isabell: Paris in the 1920s. Maybe it’s an illusion but it seemed to be the melting pot of an upcoming avant-garde.

R.E.V: The most cherished piece in your wardrobe.

Isabell: A necklace from my grandmother.

R.E.V: Do you have an inspirational figure that has influenced or guided you?

Isabell: No, there is not that one figure – rather it is different people who have inspired and supported me in what I’m doing.

R.E.V: A destination you dream of travelling to.

Isabell: Galapagos islands.

R.E.V: Passion or Love.

Isabell: Love.

R.E.V: Your favorite hangout in Berlin.

Isabell: Paul Linke Ufer in Kreuzberg.

R.E.V: Describe your ideal/fantasy home.

Isabell: I’m already living in it, as simple and beautiful as it is in middle of Berlin.

R.E.V: Your idea of elegance.

Isabell: ‘Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered’ (G. Armani)

R.E.V: A place that you wish existed.

Isabell: Avatar World.

R.E.V: What do you like the most about today’s world?

Isabell: Awareness and the possibility to choose the way you live your life.

R.E.V: If you could wish for one change in the world, what would it be?

Isabell: More common sense, more intelligence and less egoism.


Merci Isabell, shop her collection HERE