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Have A Sustainable Summer

Our tips for going green this summer.

We at Rêve En Vert are keen to make this summer as eco as possible, here we share some of our own tips for green living in the warmer months.

1. Hydrate, responsibly. 

During these hot months it’s important to drink water, obviously. But we are consuming more plastic than ever and water bottles are a huge culprit in this. Americans alone used about 50 billion plastic water bottles just last year. Invest in a couple of glass water bottles and always keep one in your bag, you will be shocked at how easy it is to find water fountains and clean taps. Our favourites are BKR bottles.

2. Sun dry.

Instead of running the dryer and wasting energy, take advantage of the warm weather, sunny skies and summer breeze by air drying your clothes outside on a line. Dryers use up a lot of electricity, almost more than any other household appliance, so discard them when possible. There are added benefits to this besides just saving money and energy-the sun is a natural whitener, so when you put thoroughly wet whites out on the line, the stains fade naturally. Plus no need for harmful bleach.

3. Be conscious of your A/C use.

About 100 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted each year due to air conditioning use within the States alone – an average of about two tons for each home with an air conditioner. We know that during the summer you need to turn that A/C on in order to cool down, but make sure it is operating efficiently and minimizing energy consumption. Clean out your air filters, only cool the rooms that you are using, and if you have centrally controlled air, turn the temperature up (or turn the A/C off) during the day when you aren’t home.

4. Go more veg.

This is an easy one as there is so much great, local produce that’s in season at the moment. Livestock accounts for 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions with cattle-raising alone contributing 65 percent of the livestock sector’s GHGs. Our meat addiction also has environmental and social effects across borders as forests continue to be cleared to meet increasing demands. Of course we all love BBQs, but it’s no secret that eating vegetables is better for the environment. Show salads and summer veggies some love as well.

5. Hop on a bike.

Instead of giving into our dependence on cars and fossil fuels, walk or bike to your destination when you can. Getting a little sunshine, exercise, and reducing your carbon footprint is a win-win personally and the overall carbon footprint of your ride the most minimal. Cases show that if cities like London were to follow the examples of the Netherlands or Denmark to make their cities better for cycling, we’d see huge benefits from lower carbon emissions, hugely reduced costs in transport infrastructure and potentially safer, healthier places.