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How to be a sustainable goddess by Eve Kalinik

We get fashionista turned nutritionist Eve Kalinik to give us her tips.

“The words recycling, organic and eco friendly haven’t always been en vogue. In fact until fairly recently they equated to anything less than desirable or cool. But yes being environmentally savvy in all aspects is trending in a big way and about time too. You will have witnessed the whole green movement being really turned on its head with many of the worlds biggest hipsters changing their diet and lifestyle to promote more planet friendly and plant based approaches. The buzz word right now is all about sustainability of which I’m a massive advocate. The idea of avoiding unnecessary waste and promoting lifestyles that better support us and our environment has got to be a good thing. But what does it really mean…

Just what it says on the tin! Sustainability essentially means living harmoniously with nature, making choices that can better support the future generations and as such using renewable resources with longevity. This can encompass everything from food to clothes to interiors and beyond. Valuing and cherishing good quality products that can see us through a lifetime or supporting farms that encourage a way of production that has a philosophy of zero waste are just a couple of tangible ways of actively engaging in this. Usually these farms also support using ethical and organic principles which on a grander scale also helps reduce harmful omissions and practices. One must assume that to be sustainable is having a total revolutionary turnaround but actually by incorporating just a few basic principles and you can be well on the way to a more sustainable and conscious way of living with little effort. Here are my top tips…

-Make recycling a pleasure not a chore – buying yourself a dedicated separate beautiful container that complements your kitchen and you will be so much more encouraged to do this. Often we just need to create better habits and this can be an excellent starting point. Its the same with water to be honest. Most of us don’t drink enough and when we do its largely out of plastic bottles. Figures suggest there is more plastic than fish in the oceans which frankly is beyond a scary stat. But by investing in a sleek and attractive jug that you can have on your desk at work, flavoured with fresh ingredients such as slices of ginger, fresh lemon, cucumber or mint already makes drinking water a lot more inspiring and you’ve saved on all that plastic too. I love these Bib & Sola carafes http://revenvert.com/product-category/homeware/tableware/ And when out and about opt for the glass bottled water where you can.

-Support local farms and their produce – get to your local farmers market and buy produce that is local and seasonal. Communicate with the farmers themselves to find out what kind of practice they adhere to. Opting for organic as much as possible but if the farms themselves are transparent about their sprays then you can have an assurance they are being as clean as possible. And eating seasonally not only means reducing carbon foot printing – do we REALLY need a mango right in the depths of winter?! You also tend to get more bang for your buck – it makes perfect sense that foods grown in local soil that is fit for the time of year and that surrounds you and your environment is going to be better nutrition wise.

-Avoid waste – most of us stock up the fridge and then end up chucking loads of it out at the end of the week. Freezing is s a great idea. As is making into soups or stews. Whacking a borderline banana or avocado into a smoothie saves them from the bin. And with meats look for organ meats such as liver, kidneys that are also super high in their nutritional value.

-Have one meat free day a week – we know that high levels of meat consumption is one of the major factors that can impact negatively on the environment. There are plenty of resources available to find plant based recipes. I’ve also included my recipe of sweet potato & halloumi warm salad with tahini dressing to give you a good head start!

-Thinking beyond the plate – interiors, clothing and beauty all play a role. If you haven’t already ditched the aerosol can do it NOW and opt for cleaner beauty products, this also applies to household cleaning products, do you really want a seasoning of chemicals in your food? Instead go for cleaning products that don’t contain hazardous warnings. White vinegar and newspaper is still one of THE best ways to get windows and mirrors crystal clear!

And when it comes to clothing the more natural the fabrics the better. Really consider buying classic items rather than going for cheap and cheerful to end up throwing away at the end of season. Instead make investment purchases that will last a lifetime. Upscaling clothes and furniture can totally revive your favourite pieces. Check out The Restory http://www.the-restory.com for more info on how to do this with your treasured bags and shoes. Yes sustainability can revamp your wardrobe too!”

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