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Living Well With Helen Turner

We speak to this Holistic Health Coach about wellness in the modern world

Helen Turner helps people both physically, but also to improve their overall quality of life. Based between Amsterdam and Bermuda, she is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Pilates Instructor and is Certified in Acupuncture and Facial Acupuncture (Cosmetic Acupuncture). We asked her for some tips on living well in the city, and what wellness truly means to someone specialised in the field.

Sustainable living is about being conscious about every aspect of your life and how you are impacting the world and environment around you.

What is your definition of sustainable living?

Sustainable living is about being conscious in every aspect of your life and how you are impacting the world and environment around you. This includes using non-toxic products in your home, recycling your waste, saving water, reducing your carbon footprint and much more.


-You are trained as a holistic health coach, can you tell us a bit about what this entails?

A holistic health coach works with people to improve their general health and lifestyle. They look at every aspect of someone’s life and advise on simple, sustainable changes to be made over a period of time. My background as a Physiotherapist enables me to coach clients with more complex health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.



-What are some tips for us to live a bit more holistically?

The key to making changes to your lifestyle and living more holistically is to make small, sustainable changes. I never recommend specific diets but rather crowd out some of the bad foods with healthier options. Once these small changes become a habit, it is easy to make further changes. But if you try to change everything at once, people often fail or give up because they cannot cope.

Facial Acupuncture helps to relieve headaches and migraines, stress, muscle tension of the face and ease cravings for food and other substances.

-You operate between Bermuda and Amsterdam, do you think the pace of a city lifestyle affects people’s well-being?

Absolutely – the pace of life in cities is so much different to living in more rural places. This pace adds a lot of extra stress to people during their daily lives but they just adjust to this stress level as being ‘the norm’. We have become a society with constantly elevated stress levels and we don’t even realise it. There is so much going on in cities that it’s easy to never find the time to relax properly. To boot, people often eat out much more when they live in a city. This tends to include drinking more alcohol and consuming more salts and unhealthy fats, which obviously is not great for your health.


-How do you find solace when you are in a city?
Even though Amsterdam is a city, it feels like a village. I walk or cycle to work in around 10 minutes and there are plenty of green spaces to get outside in nature. I love to walk around the beautiful canals in the evening or take a walk through the Westerpark to find some peace and tranquility. Amsterdam is also full of yoga schools and my neighbourhood in particular has many healthy vegan and vegetarian places to eat. I feel a bit spoilt really.



-Another area you are trained in is acupuncture, including facial acupuncture. What made you interested in this ancient technique?
I came across acupuncture as a teenager when doing work experience. A physio I worked with used to use acupuncture to treat his clients. I saw and heard the clients talk about their experiences after having acupuncture and I knew from then on that once I graduated University I wanted to complete my acupuncture certification. Facial acupuncture is something I explored later as I transitioned more into health and wellness and natural beauty techniques. Facial acupuncture is great for relieving headaches and migraines, relaxing muscle tension of the face and head and to boost circulation and collagen production in the skin. Sessions also include facial cupping, a Jade roller massage and a face and head massage.

You can’t be healthy if you are not thinking about all parts of your life.

-Tell us about the benefits of both bodily and facial acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine. It’s great for  many different health conditions such as: chronic pain, stress, hormonal balance, healing injuries and reducing inflammation. Facial Acupuncture helps to relieve headaches and migraines, stress, muscle tension of the face and ease cravings for food and other substances.


-You talk about reducing the “toxic load” on the body with some of your coaching, could you explain a bit about what this is and how we might be able to avoid it?

In the western world we are subjected to so many chemicals on a daily basis. Reducing your toxic load means to try and keep the exposure to those chemicals to a minimum. A lot of these chemicals or toxins are stored in the body, mainly in our fat cells, and can have an impact on many health conditions. Toxins in the body can disrupt our hormone balance, fertility, and can also lead to weight gain and difficulties with digestion.


-Finally do you have any tips for our readers to live a more sustainable lifestyle here in London?

Try and walk as much as you can. It’s easy in London to just rely on public transport to get around, I know the city has made a lot more bike lanes in the last few years, maybe you could utilise these sometimes? Spend your free time outside in the sun as much as possible – London has many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces that you can explore with your friends. Get together with some people for Pilates in the Park or other fun exercise sessions that you can do outdoors. I always make sure I have a re-usable shopping bag folded up in my handbag even if I’m not planning on shopping, you never know when you might come across something to buy and don’t want to have endless plastic bags in your home. Get a re-usable coffee cup for at work and always carry your own stainless steel or glass water bottle to save you buying plastic bottles when out and about. There are so many little things you can do to live life in a more sustainable way.


-What does living well encompass in your mind?

Wellness encompasses every aspect of your life. Some people only see it as the diet and exercise aspects, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about having a healthy work life balance, healthy relationships with the people around you, healthy body image, healthy finances, looking after your own mental health and trying to make as little a negative impact on the world as possible. Buying local and sustainable produce or products as often as you can. You can’t be healthy if you are not thinking about all parts of your life.