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Plant a Flower Day – It’s Too Cute.

It's international Plant a Flower Day, how do we do it sustainably?

This must be the cutest sounding day of the year; Plant A Flower Day. But even though flowers have a positive connotation attached to them, the flower market has some negative aspects to it.

A lot of flower planters use pesticides and other toxic chemicals that affect the health of farmers, florists and the environment. Through the process of evaporation these toxic chemicals also end up in the atmosphere and ultimately in our rainwater. In the US and Europe many of these chemicals are banned because of the health hazards and their negative impact on the environment. But in other developing countries people still use them. These are often the same places we end up importing our flowers from.

Many of the flowers we buy are picked by Columbian or Ecuadoran women working for a minimum wage in hazardous conditions. They work long hours under strict monitoring to keep productivity high. Because of the workload many women have health issues and damaged wrists from cutting so many flowers.

The carbon footprint attached to buying a bouquet of flowers is very high. Often times your cute bunch of flowers has flown half way across the world before ending up on your dining table or windowsill.

These facts are not fun but we also know that flower make our homes happier. By making a few simple changes in your buying habits, you can make the environment and other people happier as well.

- Buy seasonal flowers

By buying locally grown flowers you can cut out chemicals and down on your carbon footprint.

- Decorate your home with dried flowers

Dried flowers, also known as “everlastings,” last much longer than fresh flowers and therefore are a good investment. Dry your favourite flowers and enjoy them for a longer time. Just cut the stems, hang them up side down and in two or three weeks they have a totally different and all new look.

– Put flowers in pots

There is a certain kind of magic attached to seeing something beautiful grow from the dirt. Buy a few lovely pots, some dirt and seeds and grow your own! Just don’t forget to water them every so often.

- Buy flowers at a local flower florist

There are florists who share our concerns about the negative effects of the flower industry and who sell locally grown and seasonal flowers. We have found a few great florists who make wonderful bouquets with love for the flowers and love for the planet.

London |

• Wild at Heart – you know those lovely flowers in front of Liberty London? Those are Nikki Tibbles’ Wild at Heart flowers. All the flowers are locally grown and seasonal.

• Petalon flowers – This amazing florist creates two different bouquets each week depending on what is seasonal. Choose one and they will bring you your bouquet by bicycle.

New York |

• Petal by Pedal – In New York City you can get your flowers delivered to you by bike by Petals by Pedals. They source their flowers from locally based farms and deliver them to your doorstep.

• Flower Girl NYC – Founder Denise Porcaro started Flower Girl after getting lots of praise from friends and family for her bouquets. Now she sells seasonal and locally grown flowers, unusual pots and handmade soaps.

Los Angeles |

• Silver Lake Farms – They grow and arrange their organic flowers on their own urban farm.

• SEED Floral – Owner and creative designer of SEED Stephanie Elhayani creates beautiful bouquets with organic flowers.