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Profiling Cosi: Slow Cashmere

Profiling Cosi: Slow Cashmere

Cashmere in it's purest form, made ethically in Mongolia

We get Elaine Briggs, Founder and Creative Director of Cosi Cashmere, to explain to us the ideology behind the company and the necessity for pure cashmere that is mindfully made.

Elaine: Cashmere, like Champagne, carries the air of luxury in its name. But it has similarly been copied and adulterated and our trust in its good name eroded. A recent study found 9 out of 14 shops in the UK to be passing off blends and even 100% lambswool as pure cashmere.

Our cashmere is not only 100% pure, sourced direct from a trusted supplier in Mongolia, but it comes from sustainable herds that don’t destroy the land. The fibre is regularly tested to ensure that it is the finest 14.6 micron cashmere.

Why is cashmere such a precious commodity? It is combed from the fleecy underbelly of goats living at high altitude, and one goat produces only enough fibre for one scarf a year. That suits the Cosi ethos. Quality, not quantity. Less, not more.

Cosi Cashmere

"The art of spinning and weaving cashmere is an ancient and highly skilled one."

Cashmere Scarf
Cosi Cashmere Scarf

The art of spinning and weaving cashmere is an ancient and highly skilled one. The master drafter, is responsible for translating the design onto the loom, creating the intricate weave. Our weavers work on traditional no powered looms. The weaves are delicate, they require the eagle eye of the expert to fully appreciate the fineness of the pattern. The birdseye for example, uses the merest whisper of a 120 yarn count, so equally requires supreme weaving skill to avoid the yarn breaking.


Every step of the process requires the same precision and care – the hand-carding (one person can card only 10g a day), the winding of yarn into hanks, the twisting to make 2-ply yarn (if the twist is loose, the cashmere is prone to pill), the dyeing (not just to achieve the perfect shade of pink or orange, but to avoid overcooking the piece, which can open up the twist).


These workers’ skills shine through the finished pieces for Cosi. Customers really need to be told the story because they need to realise just how long it takes to create a cosi wrap and how much work is involved. Cosi is slow fashion at it’s best. Treasure and hand down is our motto. This is not for the landfill.


Merci Elaine. Shop our collection of Cosi cashmere HERE.