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Profiling Teeki

Profiling Teeki

Explaining the ethics behind our new eco activewear line

Teeki is the newest of our activewear brands that is moving to the sustainable flow to enrich your mind, body and soul. The story of sustainability that lies behind every item is created with love and consciousness; clothing is made from fabric made out of recycled plastic water bottles in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic laying idle in landfill, and then carefully crafted by mindful hands in the United States.  Teeki is an eco conscious active wear line who base their philosophy on nourishing the earth that we inhabit. Their focus on local production provides jobs for the people of America and also reduces their carbon footprint, making for happy people and a happy planet.

" every pound of Teeki activewear conserves approximately half a gallon of gasoline,"

Teeki leggings
Teeki Yoga Leggings

The eco-friendly process of production adopted by Teeki focuses on using pre-loved plastic and offsets the need to produce more new materials that strip the earth of natural resources – every pound of Teeki activewear conserves approximately half a gallon of gasoline. They also played a key role in supporting the local communities of Standing Rock, bringing them supplies and offering love and support among the sacred waters; they continue to bring people together through their conscious worldview. Teeki maximises comfort, fit, function and beauty with minimal environmental impact.


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Words by Darcie Imbert.