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Interview avec Hemsley & Hemsley

We catch up with the health conscious sisters just after the release of their new cookbook

hemsley and hemsley


Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley are our favourite siblings here at Rêve En Vert.  They are the duo behind Hemsley & Hemsley, our go-to site for organic, nutrient filled, delicious homemade foods, free of grain, gluten, high starch and refined sugar. They are about to launch their first recipe book, ‘The Art of Eating Well’ and we can’t wait. Here, we have given them the our interview to get their take on sustainability, wholesome living and their ideal dinner guests.


R.E.V:  What does sustainability mean to you?


Melissa: Making the best balanced choices everyday for myself, others and the planet. Being more conscious about what I buy, what I use.


Jasmine:  It’s definitely not easy being green and can be quite confusing but in general I try to buy less and buy better.



R.E.V: What’s your favourite childhood memory?


Melissa:  Running around, playing and reading lots of books in endless summer holidays then coming home for lovely Filipino suppers cooked by our mum.


Jasmine:  Foraging in the garden looking for wildlife – I loved tadpoles, ants, woodlice and making dens!


R.E.V:  What’s a personal ritual you have?


Melissa:  Meditate every day, if I can twice a day.


Jasmine:  Same here. If you can just knuckle down and make this one thing happen it seems to make everything else that much easier


R.E.V:  What daily act could we all do to be better?


Melissa:  Meditate.


Jasmine:  Sleep! I know only 1 in 10 people that get enough good quality sleep.


R.E.V:  What’s the strangest thing you own?


Melissa:  I cannot think of anything strange! I try to only buy what I need that is both practical and beautiful.


Jasmine:  I had to ask one of my best friends and the first thing she said was ‘Jason and John, your ugly dog candle holders from Mexico’. Thanks…


R.E.V:  What’s your most treasured possession?


Melissa:  Friends and family is all I need. I do have eclectic tastes so would miss all my weird and wonderful knick knacks from my travels.


Jasmine:  I love all my weird and wonderful knick knacks from my travels and then other than my friends and family there’s also my cats Maggie and Tina (who have about 50 pet names between them) and the 21 orchids rescued from a florist tip over the last few months (who also all have names – I like doing that….).


R.E.V:  Where’s your favourite place to be?


Melissa:  Being by the sea.


Jasmine:  On a massage table! Otherwise splashing about in the ocean, walking in the countryside or lying in a park. Relaxing, inspiring and rejuvenating all at the same time.


R.E.V:  What vice do you most dislike in other people?


Melissa:  Selfishness.


Jasmine:  Spitefulness.


R.E.V:  What virtue do you most admire?


Melissa:  Selflessness.


Jasmine:  Those who see the good in everything.


R.E.V:  What’s your greatest vice when it comes to being sustainable?


Melissa:  I love a bath.


Jasmine:  New shoes!


R.E.V:  What gives you a sense of peace?


Melissa:  Lots of things, yoga, meditation, being with friends.


Jasmine:  Being still – it’s so easy to overfill your day especially when we’re surrounded by so many exciting things but also so many stressful things that ‘need doing’. Lying on your yoga mat, sitting on the sofa with a blanket or flopping on the bed covers and daydreaming feels great and is necessary. It’s good to be a human ‘being’ sometimes rather than always a human doing!


R.E.V:  If you could have dinner with one person – past or present – who would it be and why?


Melissa:  Shakespeare, for some mesmerising stories.


Jasmine:  David Attenborough, to hear about his amazing adventures and listen to that voice….