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Interview avec designer Pamela Love

We got up close and personal with one of our favourite designers Pamela Love, to learn a little more about her



Pamela Love is one of New York’s brightest jewellery designers at the moment. With her unique and instantly recognisable sense of style, as well as her deep personal commitment to creating her lines sustainably, we were very pleased to welcome her signature core collection to R.E.V. Here she answers our homegrown interview, and shares some of her personal takes on sustainability and life. Happy reading.


R.E.V: What does sustainability mean to you?

Pamela: It means respecting the environment and the people in it – kindness and respect are the most important virtues.


R.E.V: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Pamela: Summer Camp


R.E.V: What’s a personal ritual you have?

Pamela: A bath every night after work


R.E.V: What daily act could we all do to be better?

Pamela: Forgive someone


R.E.V: What’s the strangest thing you own?

Pamela: My great grandfather’s glass eye


R.E.V: What’s your most treasured possession?

Pamela: My wedding ring


R.E.V: Where’s your favorite place to be?

Pamela: New Mexico


R.E.V: What vice do you most dislike in other people?

Pamela: Dishonesty


R.E.V: What virtue do you most admire?

Pamela: Generosity and compassion


R.E.V: What’s your greatest vice when it comes to being sustainable?

Pamela: I take cabs more often than I should.


R.E.V: What gives you a sense of peace?

Pamela: My cats


R.E.V: If you could have dinner with one person – past or present – who would it be and why?

Pamela: Johnny Cash



Shop the rêve en vert selection of Pamela Love HERE.