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REVolution 3: Local

REVolution 3: Local

Our third REVolution for 2017

Our third REVolution delves into lines that pay particular attention to keeping their production and sourcing as close to home as possible.

Mainline Basics Tee

At a time when fashion is being made more and more quickly, and further afield than ever, we at REV want to draw attention to those who are regenerating local economies and manufacturing. The United States now only makes 2% of the clothing its consumers purchase, with most Western countries following suit. In the decade between 1997-2007, the U.S. lost 650,000 jobs in apparel, with these occupations being sent to third world factories with little regulation or human rights regulations.


On the flipside, our designers have an appreciation for their local communities and economies. They produce as close to their studio base as possible in most cases, such as our organic beauty line Haeckels, who produce everything by hand in their English seaside studio, using predominantly locally-sourced materials and ingredients.

Haeckles Collection

"Our designers pay attention to their local communities and strive to give business back to them."


By Signe is a line created by a Danish woman, handmade in Denmark and shipped from her own studio in Copenhagen. Every piece of the production process is considered to be as close to it’s Danish roots as possible.


Our designers pay attention to their local communities and strive to give business back to them. They respect local traditions and ways of doing business. For instance, Cosi Cashmere is situated between Sydney and Tibet-with each piece handmade and imbued with the spirit of those who created it – the Tibetan yak herders, the Himalayan alpaca farmers, the Nepali spinners and weavers, the artisans and designers.


Mainline Basics is a particular is line dedicated to all things local. They are a California-based knitwear line made using 100% natural fiber fabrics and organic cottons to produce the perfect investment tee. Mainline Basics are made from Texas-grown organic cotton, North Carolina-knit fabric and finished in California where they are designed, cut and sewn.


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