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SILOU Interview

Silou Active

We pick the brains of Tatiana Kovylina, founder of Silou Active. Discover her views on the challenges in the fashion industry, how she plans to spend Earth Day 2017 and her favorite workout spot in London.

With wellness continuing to take the world by storm, how does Silou distinguish itself from major activewear brands?


We know that there is a very saturated market when it comes to activewear. We believe our clothes are not only for the studio, but for every day life. We put much emphasis on feminism and embracing the female form. Our tailored designs offer freedom of movement and elegant flattering fits. We’d liked to think that our pieces are staples that will live in your wardrobe for years. We are also completely transparent on every step of the process from fabrics, to production and packaging. We want to ensure we create as minimal impact as possible on the planet.


Coming from a high fashion background, what are some of the flaws you have witnessed in the industry?


Business is a cruel game and fashion isn’t an exception. Since “fast fashion” took over the industry the values of fashion have drastically changed and we’ve been seeing the effects over the past decade. Disposable fashion wasn’t even a term 30 years ago and now it’s the second most polluting industry on the planet. It’s about time we admit it that without eliminating this factor we can’t fight global warming and it’s much more serious than many consumers realise. Does one really need 50 white t-shirts ? Or does one need to inhale pure air to sustain life? It’s the industry’s responsibility to talk openly about these things and take action.

"Business is a cruel game and fashion isn’t an exception."

Silou Leggings

Has being a mum influenced your dedication to ethics and sustainability?


Yes my mum was a big influence on ethics and sustainability. She taught me to buy only what we needed and to never waste. When you have children your ego backs off and you start to think ahead. What type of planet will we be leaving behind for them? Will they be safe and healthy?


I always talk openly with them about where the food on their plate comes from and what impact it has on the Earth and also the use of water and electricity. They are grateful and keen learners and often now they surprise me with their thorough knowledge of the subject.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that the fashion industry faces?


That would be to reduce the vicious fast fashion industry. To reeducate customers on what the true cost of a garment is by raising matters of social awareness. To use ‘less is more’ concept instead of ‘more is better.’ We are big believers of this ethos at Silou.

"When you have children your ego backs off and you start to think ahead. What type of planet will we be leaving behind for them?"

What do you think the future holds for Silou, and ethical fashion in general?


We want to be a go to brand for a luxury sportswear for women on the go who value their time but also value the planet. Ethical fashion is going to attract more and more customers and it’s expanding rapidly as consumers are becoming more educated. I strongly believe it’s future. When Mega brands like Stella Macartney base their ethos on sustainability it also helps to inspire the masses.

In terms of future plans, America is on the plans for us.


Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Be brave, be bold, take risks and know exactly why you are doing it. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, hire an expert to do it for you. We are all going to make mistakes, but the less we make the better.


"Be brave, be bold, take risks and know exactly why you are doing it."

Gala Sweatshirt
Silou Sweatshirt

 Where is your favourite work out spot in London?


That would be Batersea park if the weather permits as I prefer to work out on the fresh air. If it’s raining, then I’ll head to Triyoga for a yoga class.


 What is your favourite piece from the new Silou collection, and what would you pair it with from REV’s selection of eco-activewear?


My favourites are the Giselle leggings and the Fonda body. I would pair them with the Fonnesbech Adwoa Jacket in Scarlett Red. Even though it’s not activewear, I think it would look great!


 What does sustainability mean to you? 


To me, we need to incorporate sustainability in everything we do; it’s a way of life. It’s knowing that every choice you make from recycling at home to where you source your food from has an effect on the earth. Sustainability is also not taking things for granted and treating our environment with respect and care.