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Sofia Tomé’s Beaches

With coastal erosion our beaches are threatened, photographer Sofia Tomé chooses her favourite ones worth preserving.

Climate change has caused a rise in sea levels and storm frequency and severity – both of which play a key role in erosion. Indeed, the UK’s Environment Agency has estimated that the British coastline could erode anywhere from 67-175 metres {220-575 feet) over the next 100 years. We at Rêve En Vert want to draw attention to and help to slow this process where possible. With both co-founders Cora & Natasha coming from an oceanside bringing this is an issue particularly close to them.

Here we speak to the like-minded photographer Sofia Tomé and ask her to capture some of her favourite beaches worth preserving, see below her photos and rationale.


Praia do Guincho (Portugal)

When I was almost 2 years old, my family left Portugal for the US. Just about every summer since then, I’ve spent time visiting family and getting to know my homeland. Praia do Guincho is right outside of Lisbon, near the Western-most point of continental Europe. As climate changes and winds increase, waves get stronger making the gorgeous cliffs, overlooking the ocean, particularly susceptible to coastal erosion.


Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica)

My first solo trip, ever, was to Costa Rica – so its beautiful beaches have always held a special place in my heart. The marriage of beach and jungle create landscapes unlike any I’ve seen before. Despite having reversed the trend for environmental degradation and now being recognized for its environmental protection policies, climate change is predicted to have a negative impact on biodiversity and eco-system services in Costa Rica. In particular, impacts to cloud forests may exacerbate risks of flooding and drought.


Balian Beach (Bali)

Sunset in Bali is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. As the sun goes down and the sky turns shades of magenta, pink, and orange, it’s the perfect time for reflection. While rising sea levels will ultimately impact the entire planet, they pose an even greater threat to island nations – particularly those residing at sea level.


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