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Swedish Stockings

Stocking Fillers with Swedish Stockings

We interview Swedish Stockings co-founder, Nadja, on her eco hosiery line.

What inspired the creation of your sultry and sustainable hosiery brand, Swedish stockings?


The idea came to us after viewing a documentary called the light bulb conspiracy. It was about the fact that products are purposely designed to age quickly in order to boost consumption in society. Pantyhose was brought up as a product that has gone from a top quality product that used to be repaired by tailors in the 1960s to becoming a common wear and tear clothing item. On top of that pantyhose is a petroleum product and the production is very harmful to the environment. Based on these facts we created Swedish Stockings in November 2013. We believe that sustainability can be achieved along with great design and quality.

Swedish Stockings
Swedish Stockings
Swedish Stockings

"We believe that sustainability can be achieved along with great design and quality."

How do your stockings provide a better alternative to modern hosiery?


We are a modern hosiery brand focusing on sustainability. We create pantyhose out of recycled pre-consumer waste through a sustainable production process. Our factory is zero-waste and driven by solar panels. The water used during the coloring process is also purified and flows back into the agricultural landscape. We look at quality as a very important aspect of our sustainability focus.

As consumers we are looking at our way of buying things as a way of voting for how things have been made. So we are trying to make good decisions on a daily basis. We need far less clothes and things than we think we do.

Could you guide us through the creation process of your stockings – from sourcing the materials, the dying process and crafting together the final



Swedish Stockings creates pantyhose out of recycled yarn from NILIT. By melting down overflow of nylon from earlier production they recreate the nylon thread. This innovation is patented by NILIT and the process itself also means a big reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
From the yarn waste of NILITs standard process, their highly efficient recycling procedure reduces energy and water consumption compared to our standard practice.

> Internally (NILIT® plant) 1058 kw/ton of yarn – 55% savings
> Overall (In addition to the NILIT® facility, the energy invested in production of HMD + AA at Supplier sites) 6194 kw/ton of yarn – 87.6% savings
> Savings of Water – 18 M3/ton of yarn

Nilit then ships the recycled yarn to our manufacturer in Italy called Calze Ileana. They are a zero- waste factory, their business is family owned and a bit smaller compared to other hosiery manufacturers. Ileana herself is very engaged in maintaining hight standards and a sustainable production. The water used during the coloring process is purified and flows back into the agricultural landscape and a large part of their production is also driven by solar panels (25% of the total energy needs, The rest of the energy is from green production). The colors are obtained in their own strictly controlled laboratory.


Dyeing of hosiery products made of recycled polyamide is performed using auxiliary and dyes certified and conform to the Reach legislation and Oeko-tex Standard 100, in machines designed to consume 20% less energy than conventional models.


Also from our studies Ileana have developed a model that allow to lower the dyeing temperatures on average a 10% clear colours with additional energy savings.

A part of the water discharged once purified is reused again for dyeing. The rest of purified water is reused for agriculture. The water gets cleaned by using Ozone and micro bacteria with a special cleaning system made of a pool system.


What are the main principals that guide your own personal pursuit towards sustainable living?


Buy less, choose well. And try to look at things holistically.


Merci Nadja. Shop our Swedish Stockings selection HERE.


Interview by Darci Imbert.