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Yoga For Bad People

We meet Heather & Katelin from our favourite yoga company, Yoga For Bad People.

Here we speak to Heather and Katelin about their connection to nature, travel and of course, yoga. Read their thoughts below.

“Since we began YFBP in 2012, we have been on the road more than 75% of the year, traveling to teach retreats and scout out new possible retreat locations. Our company sprung from our desire to take some time out of our everyday lives, in a beautiful far away land where it is possible to break your routine and focus on deep practice. The kind of practice that isn’t confined to a regularly scheduled back to back day where you are rushing to class and then rushing to your next appointment after.

We could see that not only did we as teachers need this time to reset, but our students could benefit from the same.  We could see that although daily practice was extremely beneficial, there were certain aspects to learning meditation or headstand or proper alignment that weren’t landing in our students. People were stressed and tired, and needed more time to take in the instructions, but they also needed a good old fashioned vacation. We came up with a formula that allowed for both time in a disciplined practice, which inherently increases relaxation, and coupled it with ample time to daydream on the beach, read a book, and maybe have a little lighthearted fun in between.

When we first started these trips, we over packed. And when I say over packed, I mean OVER packed. Sitting on suitcases to zip them closed, stacking up on scented wipes and extra shoes and sarongs, and all sorts of other things that we never ended up using.  We were unfamiliar with the territory and wanted to make sure that we had everything we could possibly need, not only for ourselves, but also for our students. Eventually, we learned that you don’t need as much as you think. That under packing is the best feeling as a traveler. Show up light. Leave feeling lighter.

We are facing a time on our planet where recognizing that you need less and less to lead an abundant and happy life has become a key to living lightly on the earth. We are seeing the impact of our over production of things we simply do not need affecting the health of our oceans, rivers, forests and overall air quality. Our resources are precious but we as a species have not been treating them as such. They have been taken for granted. Even the concept of trash in some indigenous communities does not exist. Can you imagine seeing every single aspect of the world as useful instead of as trash?

We don’t deny that traveling leaves a major impact on our earth – that getting on a plane does not contribute to the overuse of the earth’s resources. But what we have also learned from traveling, from engaging with new cultures and perspectives and seeing how people interact with the land in other societies, is that the world is an abundant place after all, and there is an even greater sense of respect for this planet from exploring it. We have learned that there are enough resources for everyone, and we believe that one of the main responsibilities we have as a whole is to learn how to properly engage with these resources to lead more sustainable lifestyles that reflect our awareness of the preciousness of each aspect of this planet.

This is one of the reasons we are so thrilled to learn about companies like Reve en Vert. We believe that we can all lead adventurous, abundant, even luxurious lives, without leaving a harmful mark on the planet.

Our retreats have helped us redefine the meaning of luxury – that luxury has more to do with the richness of experience, and the simplicity of movement – between countries and across oceans, within your clothes and your body – than it does with the amount of things you have. Luxury is when you have things that you actually use and feel good about, that connect you and remind you of your highest values. That remind you of your connection to the rest of the planet, which in turn brings a feeling of community. And through community there is a sense that there is enough. That you don’t need heaps of things to feel full, to feel a sense of life’s luxuries.

We have learned to pack a few simple pieces, that are manufactured in a sustainable way, using products that don’t destroy the earth simply because we are trying to fill a void by having more. We have learned through the necessity of packing light, that we can be satisfied with less than we thought. We have learned to have a sense of pride and appreciation for the few pieces that we actually love and wear, and we feel even better when those pieces come from a production transparency we can feel proud of. It feels good to us to show up as Americans in other countries with small suitcases filled with environmentally conscious clothing and products. It sets a tone for those we meet from the places we go to that we care, not only about ourselves, but the world as a whole. It breaks down the borders between societies, just like traveling does. It makes sense to us to immerse ourselves in beautiful places, practicing the ancient art of yoga and meditation (which is in many ways the art of living in alignment with nature and your surrounding community) in clothes that match those sentiments.

Pack light. Leave lighter. XO, Yoga for Bad People.”

Visit them HERE.


Yoga For Bad People specialises in retreats, with one coming very close to London in June when the girls lead a retreat in Ireland. We will be there, hope to see you as well! Find all the information HERE.

Here are YFBP’s 5 favourite pieces to take on a retreat from Rêve En Vert:

1. Bamford Botanic Face Oil

2. Hare and Hart Classic Black Rugsack

3. R.E.V by Reve en Vert Linda Tee in Camel

4. Christopher Raeburn Navy Fleece Bomber

5. Svilu Checkered Shorts