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REV’s Eco Travel Essentials

Our Eco Travel Essentials For Summer Holidays

Sustainable Must-Haves For Your Zero-Waste Trips

It can be all too easy to let your travelling excitement get in the way of your environmental commitment, but we’ve done the hard work for you so you don’t have to fall into the single-use plastics trap.  See below for some sustainable swaps, plus some other things to make your trips both relaxing and eco-friendly.

For The Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport alone states that 130,000 bottles enter its bins every week. This amounts to 70,000 kg a year (same goes for a lot of airports, except not all of them are as committed to recycling as this one.)  Resist the temptation to purchase a crinkly plastic number pre security in favour of an empty S’Well, which can be filled up at a water-fountain right before you fly. Or, if there are none in sight, simply ask a barista to meet your tap water needs.

Turtle Bags

If you thought bottles were entirely to blame for all the plastic waste that goes down at airports, think again. Hint: carrier bags.  Whilst you may not be able to get around the ‘clear ziplock’ fiasco if you’re taking liquids on board, you can take measures to reduce the amount of plastic you bring with you in the first place.  We recommend a turtle bag. These sweet little GOTS certified organic cotton totes are stretchy enough to accommodate all your inflight essentials. They also make great beach bags.

For The Hotel

So you’ve landed, unpacked, and are lounging on fresh hotel sheets in your organic cotton robe. But then, you step into your ensuite to find a neat line of mini shampoos, lotions and gels…each one contained in an individual plastic bottle. So much for all your zero waste efforts, you think. It’s been thought that around 550 million shampoo bottles end up in landfill every year. A good amount of these are most likely courtesy of hotel guests. Do your bit for the planet and leave the complimentary toiletries sealed, in favour of decanting shampoo and conditioner you already own into small, reusable bottles.  As for serums; Sarisha Beauty’s are the perfect travel size – the anti jet-lag formula is particularly great for making those long-hauls more bearable. Our go-to toothbrushes to take on trips are these beautiful bamboo ones by Grums.

Anti Jet-Lag Serum

For The Plane

Next – the airport outfit, which, let’s be honest, is rarely a last minute thought.  Comfort is always a key component in whatever we choose to fly in. That’s why we usually opt for a hoodie and a pair of track-pants by RiLEY Studios.  Not only is this the most comfortable loungewear set we’ve ever owned, but it’s also the most sustainable. The London label centres all of its manufacturing decisions around green development, producing out of post consumer polyester and other discarded materials, making these gorgeous clay coloured pieces one of the few good things to result from throwaway plastics.

Sana Jardin

It also pays to smell nice on a plane…you never know who you could end up sat next to! Inspired by Moroccan botanics; Sana Jardin’s plant-based perfumes are our current signatures. We recommend bringing a discovery kit away with you so you can switch up your scent whilst abroad.

By The Pool

As we’re all so eager to keep our skin protected when taking a dip, it can be easy to overlook the impacts of a lot of suncreams.  One major environmental consequence is coral bleaching.  Many brands use a product called oxybenzone, which, after making contact with sea water, causes it to warm up. This provokes the coral to expel its naturally occurring algae, which is responsible not only for its vibrant colour, but also its ability to sustain itself.  ECooking’s Suncream is our favourite way to prevent burns whilst ensuring the coral stays healthy. Its unique formula excludes the harmful chemical in favour of 100% organic, natural ingredients like beeswax, plant oils and paraben free alternatives.  We love to apply it straight before our ‘Every Body Vitality Spritz Radiance Body Spray’ by Saint Iris Adriatica; to keep our skin feeling fresh and healthy as we soak up the vitamin D.

Body Spray

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Bon Voyage!