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REV’s Ocean Friendly Guide

REV's Ocean Friendly Guide

Help Us Keep The Big Blue Beautiful

As World Ocean Day is almost upon us, we’ve created a list of simple yet impactful measures we can all take to start treating our seven seas and the nature they’re home to with the respect they not only deserve but so desperately require…

Carry Tote Bags, Not Guilt.

Each year, 8 million tonnes of trash end up in our waters. This is the equivalent of an entire garbage truck every minute!  Plastic bags are one of the most unnecessary culprits; taking around 200 years to biodegrade.  Make ‘don’t dispose if it won’t decompose’ your motto and say no to these single-use carriers with our Turtle Bags. These stretchy totes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and are flexible enough to accommodate all your groceries.

Turtle Bags

The Ocean - Not A Bottle-less Pit.

According to Forbes, our consumption of disposable bottles has hit a million a minute, of which only a lucky 9% will be recycled! Statistics like these may be difficult to digest…but you know what, so is plastic.  And considering that this stuff is working its way into our food-chain pretty rapidly (a third of fish to be precise) it’s about time we address our ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude towards these clear, crinkly numbers.  If you haven’t already, we’d highly recommend investing in a S’Well. These stainless steel beauties will solve your waste-free drinking needs, keeping your beverages cold for 48 hours and hot for 24.


Microfibres, Macro Impact...

According to the Ellen MacArthur foundation, half a million tonnes of microfibres (plastics that shed from manmade materials) enter our oceans every year. These are then swallowed by aquatic organisms, causing them to experience poor health and reproductive difficulties. Synthetic swimwear gives the disruptive particles a particularly easy ride into the water.  If you’re looking for new bikini or suit, we recommend opting for one made from a natural fibre, like hemp. Natasha Tonic’s elegant pieces demonstrate the softness and versatility of marijuana’s sober cousin, making us question why polyester is still the default dipping and diving fabric.  If you prefer the feel of more conventional swimsuits, our stunning curations by Ocin and Talia Collins are made from Econyl – a fibre derived from recycled ocean waste like plastic bottles, so you can rest assured your bathing at least isn’t bringing any further plastics into the water.

Natasha Tonic

Glowing Coral >>> Glowing Skin.

Coral reefs are among the planet’s most biodiverse marine areas. They house thousands of species, and are important sources of new medicines. Unfortunately, tourist activity is having devastating effects on these colourful habitats. For instance, 14,000 tonnes of sunscreens wash into the oceans every year! Many of these contain oxybenzone; a chemical which, after making contact with sea water, causes it to warm up. This provokes the coral to expel its naturally occurring algae, compromising its ability to sustain itself.  ECooking’s Suncreen is our favourite way to prevent burns whilst ensuring the coral stays healthy. Its unique formula excludes the harmful chemical in favour of 100% organic, natural ingredients like beeswax, plant oils and paraben free alternatives.

ECooking Sunscreen

Be A Good (Water) Sport

Popular as they are, motorised water activities can cause huge amounts of damage. Speed boat and jet-ski engines spill gallons of unburned fuel.  This disrupts the sea’s PH levels and leads to the contamination of ecosystems, killing sensitive organisms. The noise pollution produced can also be highly destructive to marine life. Next time you fancy a break from sunbathing, we advise keeping your impact minimal by swapping the motor for a board or a sail. Sticking to less intrusive pastimes such as sailing, stand-up-paddle, or the most obvious option of swimming also makes for a better means of exercise…never a bad thing on holiday!

Check out our Roches Rouges Collection for our full offering of eco-friendly essentials to help you put the ocean first on your travels.

Bonnes Vacances!