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Search Sustainably With Ecosia

Ecosia - Possibly The Easiest Switch You Can Make

Our Guide To Virtual Conservation

You’ve probably heard of the search engine that plants trees, and you probably have your fair share of questions about it too. Here’s a roundup of all there is to know, from REV’s most recent convert.

Why Ecosia?

Rainforests once covered around 14% of the Earth’s surface. Now they cover a mere 6%.  Ecology experts have predicted that, given the rate at which the tree population is degrading, it may take just 40 years for these tropical treasures to be wiped out entirely. Merde.

Rainforests once covered around 14% of the Earth's surface. Now they cover a mere 6%.

As well as being vital to the health of our global environment, rainforests allow hundreds of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems to thrive, therefore their destruction will lead to mass habitat loss, equalling mass extinction. If your career couldn’t be further from tree planting, and you’re currently absorbing this information from your desk, wondering how you can make a difference beyond limiting your printing and not drinking out of paper cups, keep reading…

How It Works

For those thinking it can’t be as idyllic as saplings sprouting from the soil at the click of a mouse, it’s time to shrug (shrub) off your inner cynic, as it really isn’t a whole lot more complicated than you think.  Put simply, you a) type in your search term, then b) select any result marked ‘Ad’ (often the ones nearest the top). These are the advertisements which, when clicked on, help Ecosia to generate its income.  80% of this is then donated to tree plantations worldwide.

How To Use

After coming to the shameful realisation that I was the only member of the REV team without it as my default browser, I decided to get straight to it and make sure Ecosia was always my go-to by setting it as my homepage. This is an incredibly straightforward process and can be done in either Safari or Chrome. Just click the box that appears in the right hand corner of your browser (see below for demo) et voila.

 You can also download the app onto your phone.  The little icon at the top lets you know how many trees your searches have helped finance the planting of.  It’s nice to see all the last minute holiday hunting and CBD oil intrigue having a positive impact on the planet.

On March 27th, founder Christian Kroll announced that Ecosia had funded the planting of more than 53 million trees since its 2009 launch. Spread the word among your families, friends and work colleagues and help the sustainable search engine reach its goal of one billion by 2020!