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A Step By Step For The Perfect Bridal Glow

Make-Up Artist Sjaniel Turrell Takes Us Through Her Step By Step For The Perfect Bridal Glow

This Saturday 19th of May, the world will have its eyes on the highly anticipated royal wedding at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. Even though this union will be imbued with centuries-old tradition, a wedding is all about delving into the future. We wonder if any of Megan Markle’s choices will be sustainable… What better way to think about tomorrow and lead by example than with a sustainable wedding look ?


For REV, this topic couldn’t get more on-point with our founder, Cora Hilts, preparing her own upcoming sustainable wedding in August. We talk to professional makeup artist Sjaniel Turrell who shares her tips on how to perfect the effortless bridal look inspiration featured here.

Leading up to the big day


‘Naturally eating and sleeping well, drinking lots of water and cutting out on sugar will have the greatest impact on how healthy your skin looks on the day, add to that a good skincare routine with a few extra treatments and you’re sure to look your very best. Avoid harsh peels or exfoliations in the week leading up – flaky or red skin is not a good look and difficult to cover up. Focus more on daily facial massage with hydrating oils, serums and gentle hydrating face masks.’



Sjaniel’s Skin Prep Pics :


Anti Oxidant Facial Oil



On the day


‘Cleanse with a gentle cleanser, tone your skin and then layer with oil/moisturiser and serum giving each layer time to absorb. Brush any dry skin off your lips using a toothbrush and apply a generous layer of lip balm. Use your favourite smelling body wash and body oil or cream to feel like your best self.



Sjaniel’s Skin Prep Pics :


‘Bridal makeup should be natural, fresh and glowing. You want to look like the best version of yourself and not like someone who has just had an extreme makeover. If you’re using a professional makeup artist make sure that you are happy at the trial and don’t be afraid to say what you like or don’t like – just because they’ve done your makeup a certain way does not mean they can’t change it to suit what you’d prefer. Keep colours and finishes subtle – stick to products that have a subtle glow rather than visible sparkly bits, wear a fresh coral pink cheek rather than bright or overly bronzed cheek. Use eyeshadows with a subtle sheen in taupe based colours adding a little drama with a brown eyeliner. Use a foundation that gives good coverage whilst still showing your skin texture – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask.  Powder or mineral based products will have better staying power while cream based products will give you a more natural glow and texture.  A stained lip is always easier to manage throughout your day than a perfectly applied lipstick, although a striking bright red/orange lip looks amazing when the rest of your look is barely there – you should always go with what suits your own personality – now is not the time for grand experiments. Most importantly you should feel beautiful and comfortable with a little dose of ‘extra special’ – it’s your day after all.’



Sjaniel’s Make-Up Pics :