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REV’s A-List Summer Party Picks

Get The Summer Party Fix

There’s so much to look forward to now that summer time is here ! Whether it be garden parties, city cocktail outings, rooftop pool lounges…or just enjoying a crisp glass of rosé and spending some quality time with friends!


However, when it’s hot as hell outside it’s simply not realistic to look like you just stepped out of a photoshoot all day. So we’ve made a selection of REV beauty essentials that will help you fix that Summer Party Look with little to no effort at all while taking a cleaner attitude to your beauty regime !

Adornment Exotic Dress

Color Block


Summer is the season of colorful nail polish best paired with an Instagram-worthy cocktail. Fun and full of personality, these colors from Aila Cosmetics are fast drying and eco-friendly. Plus it’s chip resistant formula is guaranteed to last longer than your average manicure. The formula is free from nasties, which makes you love it so much more.

Aila Cosmetics

Make A Statement


This super vibrant bright coral peach color is the perfect summer hue and you’ll hardly need any other makeup. Moisture and long wear are all key features of this Kjaer Weis lipstick, but what’s even more impressive is that the formula’s silicone-free too – a toxin that is sadly found in most conventional lipsticks. Be prepared for your lips to stay soft with the organic beeswax, jojoba and sweet almond seed oils, whilst completely budge-free.

Kjaer Weis Love Lipstick

Bronze-only Blush


Since your skin will be living in a perpetual state of flush for most of the summer anyway, swap your usual layer of cream blush for an iridescent bronzer to give your complexion a warm, napped-on-the-beach look.

Afraid of that not-so-sexy heat glow, Kjaer Weis’ translucent powder is perfect for mattifying under the eyes and across the t-zone, naturally removing any sort of sweat from your face.

KW’ ingredients are all Certified Natural or Certified Organic, but the brand also designed their packaging sustainably. Working in synergy with award-winning creative director Marc Atlan to create these architecturally stunning metal compacts that can be easily refilled.

Lustrous Bronzer
Transulcent Powder

Your Signature Summer Scent


Just because you can’t journey much farther than your desk doesn’t mean you can’t channel those care-free summer vibes. Floral Street’s collection is vibrant, energetic and feminine. Their packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable and boasts a reduced carbon footpint and environmental impact. Their Iris Goddess scent is a unique take on a floral scent that we love.

Floral Street