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Sustainable Sex With Hanx

An Interview With Hanx


Sustainable condoms…because the planet needs just as much protection as you do!  Hanx’s are vegan, eco-friendly, made of fairly traded latex and are designed ‘by women for women.’  Here’s what the founders Sarah and Farah have to say about their innovative contraceptive brand.


White Tencel Thong

First off, please introduce yourselves and tell us about your company.


We went to school together, both ended up at Durham University… good friends since childhood. Despite going our separate ways in our careers (Sarah in Medicine and Farah in Finance) and not necessarily planning to be business partners, we have both always have a spark for entrepreneurial life.


We are the first male condom designed with women in mind. Every aspect of design was thought of in detail, from the ingredients, how they are sourced and the packaging look feel and purpose. HANX is here to make the world think differently about sexual wellness. We sell primarily online via hanx.co.uk offering singlets, three packs or 10-packs as a one off purchase, or subscriptions for discreet regular delivery. You can also find us @ Coco de Mer and on Amazon Prime. Keep your eyes peeled, as we are soon to be launching in some major retailers this year!

Why is sex an important topic to breech in the realm of sustainability?


Sex, like any other aspect of life, can be sustainable if we choose it to be. The products we use, and choices we make all have a knock-on effect to the planet. For example, where and how you have sex, the condoms/ lubricants/ sex toys you use, and everything leading up and following sex can be considered; and considered responsibly and sustainably.

Explain the journey of founding HANX.


When we met for a long lunch one random Monday and started talking about that condom aisle. The garish packaging, the shame you feel being seen with condoms, the negative feelings they conjure. Sex is supposed to be positive, no?! We felt that there was a lot to change in the condom itself, from a woman’s perspective. The tacky smell, the ingredients and sustainability, the need for vegan options, the way they are sold and look in your bag/bedside table/ bathroom, and ultimately the mission of the company you are buying from.

After a whole load of research (whilst both working full-time) and manufacturer visits, we took the leap to quit our day jobs to go full-time on HANX. We officially  launched in September 2017. Last year we closed an investment round of £0.5m, and couldn’t be more excited for what’s next… Condoms are just the start for HANX.

Tencel Bralette

Who is the HANX girl?


Everyone is a HANX girl!  We are super inclusive and our customers include people of all genders and sexual orientation.  People who carry HANX care about the brands they buy, the sustainability and morals of the company, whilst also enjoying high quality products.

Favourite practice of self-care around Valentine’s Day?


It is all about practicing acceptance and self-love. Whether this is with your significant other, tribe of besties, or on your own, be ok with whatever you choose. An ideal Valentine’s can be done with any of these!

On Valentine’s Day in particular it is tricky not to think about what other couples are doing, what your ex is up to, what to do if you’re single etc… But we are all perfectly imperfect, and it is important to remember all of your beautiful traits and celebrate these.

Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?


It means living so that what we consume on Earth does not vastly exceed what we contribute to it.  Not only do we need to take care of our planet, but also the life on it. Sustainability means that there is a healthy equilibrium between our planet and those who live on it. With HANX we are conscious about our effect on the planet, and also how we take care for our staff so they are safe and fairly paid.

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Tencel Thong