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Sustainable Style With WeWork

Sustainable Style With WeWork

Bringing Sustainability Into The Workplace With Rosie Hart

Last week, REV hosted a panel discussion on conscious living in collaboration with WeWork. Today, we delve into all things zero waste, plastic-free, carbon neutral and everything else that makes this entrepreneurial hub so ahead of the game with sustainability. See below a conversation with WeWork’s Director Of Openings, Rosie Hart, on their sustainable initiatives.

'Sustainable style isn’t only about the clothes you wear'

It’s a pleasure to be contributing to the REV blog, and to have spent time with the team on this edit. The clothes are beautiful quality, classic – with a twist –, and pair comfort with elegance. As someone that doesn’t work in fashion, it was a real treat to be able to contribute to this feature. In my four years at WeWork – the community space company that helps our members find their purpose, whether they’re a startup or a larger corporate enterprise – I’ve learnt to never be surprised as things are always changing!

Since I joined, I have seen the company expand from a handful of buildings here in the UK to over 40 and, globally, a membership of over 400,000. The company’s influence has grown so quickly, and I’m so pleased to work alongside a team that sees that, with this footprint, comes the imperative to use our powers to make positive change in the world.

Most notable of these changes is the fact that we went meat-free last year, meaning that by 2023 we will have saved 15 million animals, and 60 billion gallons of water.  We are also plastic-free; are in the process of going chemical free; we have improved our recycling by increasing our waste streams; we have zero waste-to-landfill contracts; 100% green energy contracts and are constantly looking to innovate. Examples of which are that every month we recycle four tons of coffee waste with WeWork member company Bio-Bean, who turn the waste product into burnable logs, and this year we will be welcoming a cutting-edge on-site food digester into our Devonshire Square campus, making a marked reduction in CO2 production. Mindful, too, of the importance of a circular economy, we are upcycling the under-desk bins, made redundant by our recycling programme, and turning them into stylish furniture to use in our buildings.

'We care about the impact we’re making on the planet and want to work with our members to help guarantee our future on earth.'

That’s why it’s been so fantastic to have recently partnered with Rêve En Vert on a Sustainable Style event at which we saw REV founder, Cora Hilts, chair a panel featuring cook and author Melissa Hemsley; Conservation Guide CEO and Founder, Justin Lennon; and CEO of Riley.Studio, Olivia Dowie. A pop-up shop in the reception of our European HQ throughout the day then ended with an end-of-show silent disco: the day was all about urgency in the face of climate change, but equally was about feeling hopeful, and demonstrating how naturally sustainable choices can fit into your lifestyle.


REV’s outlook is very much mirrored by our own: through collaboration, community and education we believe we can do something good. Whether an individual, purchasing from stores with sustainable, transparent and ethical supply chains; a corporation demanding sustainability from its suppliers; or a community figuring out the best next steps towards a sustainable future – there are myriad ways in which we can make a real difference, whilst we still can.

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