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Three Ways To Wear Your S A Y A Pins

Three Ways To Wear Your SAYA Pins

If you're already in love with SAYA's unique designs, but aren't sure where to start when it comes to styling them....do not fear. We have put together a step by step guide to create three of our favourite looks using our curation of the handcrafted hair pins. The results may vary depending on your specific hair-type. See below for some inspiration...

The Double Pandens Twisted Bun

The Double Pandans



1. Take your hair and gather it in to a single bunch.


2. Twist your hair into a coil onto of your head.


3. Keep twisting until it coils around itself to create a bun in the centre of your scalp.


4. Using the end piece of hair hold your bun as firm or loose as you like and hold it in place.


5. Take one of the wooden hair pins and push it through the top of the bun at 45° angle.


6. Take the other hair pin and feed it through from the opposite side of the bun at the same angle so the hair pins cross over.

The Banana Leaf High Plait




1. Plait your hair from from behind, down the centre of your head, hold it tightly.


2. Lift the bottom of plait to the top of your head.


3. If possible, tuck the end into place.


4. If your hair is very long, you may have to fold the plait instead first, and then pin to the top.


5. Use the hair stick to secure the top of the plait.


6. Weave your hair stick it through multiple layers of hair until firmly in place.

The Banana Leaf

The Soko Bud Plaited Pony

The Soka Bud



1. Centre your hair in the middle and separate into two sections.


2. Plait one section right until the end whilst leaving the other section hanging.


3. Take the two separate sections


4. Tie them in a loose knot at the back of your head.


5. Wrap the plaited section around the loose ponytail until only a tiny piece is left.


6. Tuck this remaining piece of hair underneath the bun if you can


7. Use the hair stick to weave through the plaited hair to get a firm grip.