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Sustainable Flower Power

Grace & Thorn's Chelsea Flower Show Exhibition And Advice On The Most Sustainable Way To Go

Thriving off of celebration days like weddings or mother’s day, the floriculture industry has huge impacts on the environment. The most alarming issues being water consomption, chemical usage and carbon emissions. The cut-flower industry for instance is a short-cycle production process that requires the extensive use of agrochemicals which have a negative effects on the soil and water supply. Pesticides are also used significantly in floriculture as flowers are not an edible crop. With the Netherlands, United States and Japan accounting for nearly half of the world’s flower trade, production is made in countries where climatic conditions can provide year round production with low labour costs which ultimately results in extensive shippings and thus transportation emissions.

With the Chelsea Flower Show in full spin, we talk to renowned London florist and plant shop Grace & Thorn about their exciting exhibition at the the famous Bullring Gates and ask them what present alternatives could help us show our love with more earth-friendly flowers.



What services does Grace & Thorn offer ?


We offer a whole plethora of services! Anything from bouquets and arrangements, plant installations and maintenance, weddings, funerals and workshops. We are driven to green up as many homes, offices, hotels, corners and sheds as possible so wherever there’s a space for flowers and plants, we’ll offer something to sort you out,

What do you think sets you apart from other florists ? 


Grace & Thorn has a very distinctive and unique aesthetic when it comes to floral design. We champion letting flowers sing, dance and breathe and hate the idea of manipulating natural shapes into tight domes or shapes. We also love plants as much as we love flowers and spend a lot of time handpicking plants that we know people have the best chance of keeping alive !



What are the most sustainable options to buy flowers ?


The absolute most sustainable option is to buy dried flowers. They will never die, will retain their vibrancy and look incredible. We’ve recently started offering these in our shop and have also created a new ‘Ready to Wear’ collection for the sustainable bride, called ‘Some Things Do Last Forever’.




Any tips on what to look out for when sourcing local flowers ? 


Nothing beats picking wild flowers but they are sadly more likely to fade sooner. The best tip we can recommend for sourcing flowers is to find your local flower farm and to buy directly from the grower.


Can you tell us a little about your exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show, what was the inspiration behind it ?


It is an incredible honour to be exhibiting at Chelsea this year. The concept for our display at the Bullring Gates is to celebrate the great Geranium! We love the vibrant shades, leafy textures and that unmistakeable fragrance and want to bring them to the forefront of people’s minds and gardens. Without giving away too much, expect a kaleidoscope of colour and a sensory experience as you walk through the gates!