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Cora’s Flying Guilt – Can We Travel Consciously?

In A Time Of Too Much Carbon, We Talk Travel Guilt And How To Overcome It

Cora's Guide To Vacations That Consider The Earth

Striving to limit your carbon footprint but don’t want to say no to trips abroad this summer? Read on to find out how you can offset your travel guilt, courtesy of REV Co-Founder Cora.

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Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures of what I do – as REV has expanded so too has the opportunity to move around to different places to discover, discuss and put forth our notion of sustainable luxury. However, I am extremely aware of the effects my travel has on the planet and how this is seemingly very at odds with what I stand for – it’s something I always consider when I am booking a flight.

So off the back of a trip to the South of France to set up our very first international pop up I wanted to share a few of the tips I have found to deal with travel guilt and how you can try and best navigate a love of travel with a conscious lifestyle!

Always Take The Train Where Possible

Trains are a beautiful way to travel and much much less polluting than cars or airplanes. If you are in Europe you are very lucky to have access to a relatively good rail system, for instance the eurostar will now take you from London all the way to Amsterdam or Marseilles. Go with this option if you can spare the time!

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If you have to rent a car, get a hybrid.

Now most rental places will tell you what your options are in terms of fuel mileage, but consider that the smallest car will likely be your best bet in terms of a footprint. My husband and I had to get a car in Bordeaux last year and getting a tiny Fiat meant we only filled up the tank once during the whole 4 day trip. It’s not perfect, but it means we are giving less money to the fuel companies and emitting less carbon when you need to get somewhere remote.

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Offset your flight personally.

I use Climate Care to figure out my carbon footprint of flights and donate to this personally whenever I do, and you can find out your own footprint HERE. At REV, we donate to Trees for the Future and use Ecosia (the search engine that plants trees) for all of our employees in order to make sure we are planting as many carbon capturing trees as possible, regenerating lands and livelihoods, and cleaning up the air! These are great resources to give to if you are able.

Travel Essentials

Travel Zero Waste

Once you are on the road or in the air, make sure you are travelling with no waste. Invest in a reusable water bottle, pack your own food and remember to bring a keep cup for your coffees. Honestly at first it can seem a bit cumbersome but as it becomes a force of habit you won’t even think about doing it, you will just always be on the hunt for a water fountain and luckily more and more places have them!

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Pack Your Own Toiletries

Most people depend on hotels to provide them with their plastic minis of shampoos, etc. but by brining you own items you can avoid this unnecessary waste all together. We suggest investing in our La Eva glass minis that you can refill back in London at our new refill station at the Honest Space in Belgravia! Also pack a bamboo toothbrush, and I pick Georgianics for my glass refillable floss and tooth paste. Our Guy Morgan facial oils are the perfect size for carry on travel, I bring the rose with me everywhere as it’s light and lovely. And again glass, not plastic!

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These are little steps we could all take that would make travel better, if not the most sustainable activity we could all be partaking in. I am trying to be better with arranging Skype calls rather than travel where I can, and combining trips as much as possible so I don’t do multiple flights. Simply by being conscious of our footprints we should all start being able to make the change the very world we are travelling to enjoy so needs us to!

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