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A Tutorial With Our New Organic Beauty Line Vanderohe

Introducing Vanderohe with a tutorial by founder Olivia Thorpe

A seasonal, local and natural line of beauty

Creating a superior summer glow just got a lot simpler; courtesy of Vanderohe – the award-winning plant-based skincare range that’s just joined our curation. The London label was founded on the philosophy that skincare needs to perform two-fold; on your complexion and on your mind, which is why each formulation is based upon an aroma centric core. Learn about the three hero products and how to use them in our interview with founder Olivia Thorpe. Plus, find out how you could be in with a chance at winning the nourishing trio!

No.1 Purifying Cleansing Oil

Any facial routine should start with a really good, gentle cleanse. I’d tried so many different cleansers before formulating our No.1 Purifying Cleansing Oil and nothing managed to remove makeup, keep breakouts at bay AND keep the skin soft and plump at the same time, so that was my mission! No.1 Purifying Cleansing Oil is based on safflower oil, which is the closet consistency to water that I could find in an oil, so that it doesn’t clog pores or weigh down the skin once washed off. You also don’t necessarily need a face cloth to remove it. It’s packed with anti-bacterial plant actives, so whilst sweet almond oil nourishes the skin, eucalyptus and mint give it a really good deep-clean.

'I really work the oily scrub into my skin to shift stubborn dirt and daily London grime.'

No. 1 Exfoliating Powder





Every 2-3 days I add a pinch of our No.1 Exfoliating Powder – a mix of antioxidant-boosting plant powders – to my cleansing oil. The powder is fantastic: totally customisable to exactly the kind of polishing power you need. I really work the oily scrub into my skin to shift stubborn dirt and daily London grime. I then wash my cleanser off with our Japanese face cloths – as hot and steaming as I can get it. I usually follow with a good douse of an organic floral water (preferably neroli) and apply 4-5 drops of No.1 Nourishing Face Serum whilst my skin is still damp.

'It's amazing how well your skin responds to a paired down, effective skin routine.'




I don’t need anything else after this and that’s the beauty of our serum: it really does fix everything! I spend a good 5 minutes massaging the face serum into my skin, up under my eyes, down my neck, across my chest, behind my ears. The scent is calming yet uplifting so it’s perfect morning to night; it allows me to kick start my day, but also to unwind at the end of a stressful evening. Most days I reapply No.1 Nourishing Face Serum in the afternoon over my makeup to help perk up my skin…and my mood! It’s amazing how well your skin responds to a paired down, effective skin routine.


Nourishing Face Serum

Head over to our Instagram for details of how to get your hands on the gorgeous facial trio pictured below. Be sure to enter by Tuesday latest. Bonne Chance!

Vanderohe Organic Beauty