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Waste Not Want Not

REV's Guide To Reducing Food Waste

‘Tis the season of giving…however we at REV wanted to remind you all that about a ONE THIRD OF ALL FOOD PRODUCED GOES TO WASTE. At a time when there are so many hungry people on the planet, this seems like such a travesty to us so we wanted to highlight some ways to circumvent it this Thanksgiving.


All of the one-billion hungry mouths this holiday season could be fed with 25% of food we put to waste in the US, UK, and Europe alone. Entering a period of celebration and renewal, when off to shop for your next dinner party, remember that an area larger than CHINA is currently used to grow food that goes uneaten.



Whilst you may think supermarkets are responsible for the majority of food wasted, Olio reports that over half of all food waste comes from households in developed countries. 25 million slices of bread, and so on, resulting in £700 worth of food wasted per year in the average UK household.


As we consider a new decade quickly approaching, consider that by 2050 an additional 2.3 billion people will join the planet. This expansion calls for a 60-70% increase in global food production. Alternatively, you actionable, fashion savvy individuals already investing your time in clicking through an article on food waste can do something about it, and save yourself almost a year’s worth of mani-pedis in the process. Oh mon dieu!


remember that an area larger than CHINA is currently used to grow food that goes uneaten

Heading to your favourite bakery this weekend for a fresh baguette? 


Bread is one of the largest culprits of food waste, approximately a slice per UK household is thrown in the bin each day. Throw half the loaf in the freezer day of purchase to keep your guilty-pleasure, kid’s lunch box carbs fresher, longer.


Peel it one way or another… 1.4 million times 


Bananas going brown? Chop & freeze for an easy smoothie solution ortake 10 minutes to whip up this guilt-free banana bread recipe


Poh-tate-oh, poh-tat-oh


6 million potatoes are wasted a year in England alone. Take your spare veg at the week’s end and throw them in this 8-ingredient stew to freeze for your next cozy night-in.


Want more ideas or planning your next dinner party? REV loves this food planning calculator for a seamless night.