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WCW With Pauline

Women's Crush Wednesday With Pauline Cappelen, Designer Of Swedish Brand Adornment

Created NR 8 Red Stripe Dress

Tell us a bit about yourself ? 


I am the founder & Creative Director of the fashion brand Adornment. I am a passionate vintage hunter who got swept away by the fantastic world of couture and long-lasting fashion.



Could you tell us a little about how your brand Adornment was born? 


When I was a young girl I loved to study how my grandmother and mother got dressed with such an ease. Always in pieces of clothing they had in their wardrobes for so long. Each one of their garments were collected uniquely from different moments in their histories. When I decided to start Adornment, having a few savings in my pocket, I wanted to begin with vintage to truly understand the reason behind long-lasting fashion. The first two years of digging and swiping through piles of vintage and visiting other vintage hunters, really taught me how the love and care of the making and of the owner, are such big parts of longevity. When Elian Yacoub and I decided to make our own line of couture, the main goal was to make pieces that had the same charisma and quality criteria as vintage garments to make it last for future generations.

What inspired you behind the name Adornment ? 


Fashion for me is about expressing yourself. Its about adorning yourself in a way that accentuates your personality and unique charisma. No one is the same, so why dress the same.



How would you describe your brand’s style, your own ?  


Personal. Each piece of clothing I own has a separate story of how it ended up there. The same goes for the style of Adornment. Regardless if its a vintage piece or our own brand, we believe to have few but well-chosen, timeless garments that can be worn all year round in different ways. That is why we don’t follow trends, instead we dress after our unique personalities, bodies and changing state of minds.

Created NR 16 Green Stripe Blouse

'We don’t follow trends, instead we dress after our unique personalities, bodies and changing state of minds'

Created NR 3 Exotic Dress



What kind of girl is the adornment girl ?


She is a modern muse who dresses for herself, who is not afraid of showing off all her unique traits. She knows that a smile is the most stylish thing one can wear and that there is no rulebook for true beauty.



What do you have in mind/look for when sourcing your vintage products ? 


First, I go for the material/texture, then the color and then the fit. If it passes all three steps, it is a true captured vintage Adornment.

Finally, how do you want to inspire people regarding sustainability ?


I strongly believe limitations boost creativity. Not having too much clothes and accessories to choose from urges you to see what you already have in new ways. That’s when magic can happen, and your unique style can truly occur. So, I rarely feel the need for spontaneous purchases or fall for short-lived trends. I have my favorite garments that can be combined in different ways, vintage with new ones. By taking good care of them, mending and washing with caution, they last year after year.