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Welcoming von Holzhausen

We interview the creator, Vicki

Could you tell us a bit about yourself & your background?

I have a somewhat unusual path to fashion since my education is in automotive design. I began my career as an automotive designer in Europe, working on advanced vehicles for Audi and Mercedes-Benz. While in Europe, I became intrigued with fashion design, especially the aspirational elements that were very similar to the cars I was designing. I ended up moving back to my native California and started the von Holzhausen brand, which merged my experience in car design with fashion.


What motivated you to create the von Holzhausen brand?

My aim was to use my past expertise to find a better way of creating accessories with a focus on ethical style. I used my expertise to find traditional materials made in an environmentally conscious way as well as more advanced unique materials from the auto industry, combining them with clean and timeless shapes.

What was your journey to find the sustainable leathers you use in your designs?


Both the classic leather I use on the collection and our trademarked Technik-Leather came from my research into automotive materials.  Our classic leather comes from an Italian tannery that uses discarded hides from the food industry and tans them in a sustainable way. Our Technik-Leather is also an automotive material that combines the supple feel of exquisite leather with high-performance.  It is 1/3 the weight of leather, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and water resistant.


What is the process behind the production of the pieces?


The leather bags are handmade using old world techniques of hand cutting the patterns and painting the edges and the Technik-Leather bags are laser cut with more advanced processes, but still use the old world techniques such as hand-painting to finish them.


Does your experience in automotive design influence your accessory designs at all?


My experiences allowed me to see fashion from a different perspective and come up with a unique point of view, which I brought to the collection I envisioned. This is reflected in the von Holzhausen brand mission, the styling of the collection, and the manufacturing of the products.



Where do you get inspiration for your pieces?


Much of my inspiration comes from my California roots. I think California is such an idyllic place to live. There’s an endless amount of natural beauty, the weather is always pleasant, and people are innovative and have a “can-do” spirit. I’m also a huge fan of the effortless style that’s synonymous with the coastal Californian lifestyle. It’s elegant, without trying too hard.
Could you tell us about some of the charities you work with?


Since we design for women, we give back to a women–centered charities. Our current charity partner, Hope Gardens is focused on helping women regain independence through long-term rehabilitation programs and support services. Located in the heart of Skid Row, the homeless center of Los Angeles. Hope Gardens’ primary facility is positioned to deal with these women’s most urgent needs.



Could you share any simple eco & sustainable tips you have with our readers today?

Drive electric cars! But that’s spoken from a former automotive designer…


Do you consider ethical & sustainable fashion in your lifestyle in addition to the brand?

Yes. I think one great way I can change our culture is by making good purchasing decisions. We can make a big impact when we choose to support great products that are made in ways that are not harmful to people or our environment.


Finally, what does sustainability mean to you?  

Sustainability is such an ambiguous and trendy term right now. If sustainablity means the ability to maintain, then it means that whatever I’m doing now should affect our future in a positive way.

If sustainability means the ability to maintain, then it means that whatever I’m doing now should affect our future in a positive way.