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Our World Ocean’s Day Exclusive Design

Saving The Seas With The Environmental Justice Foundation

A Message From Our Co-Founder Cora Hilts on this special collaboration

Cora was asked by The Environmental Justice Foundation to design an exclusive tee shirt through Rêve En Vert in honour of World Ocean’s Day.  Here she shares with us her inspiration behind the tee’s powerful slogan, it’s sustainability story and her own professional and personal commitment towards tackling plastic pollution.

Slogan Tee

I am so honoured to have been asked to contribute to The Environmental Justice Foundation’s ‘Save The Seas’ campaign by designing a tee that communicates a powerful message to spread awareness of the vital responsibility we all have to protect our oceans. Today is World Ocean’s Day and unfortunately, ours are in a truly deplorable state due to years of human abuse and disregard. We all need to start taking responsibility for the care of this incredible and absolutely necessary part of our world.

When I was asked to design a tee shirt that would speak to this issue, I decided to focus on the issue of plastic pollution in particular as this is an area I am always striving to draw attention to and tackle in my personal life as well as whilst running Rêve En Vert. There are so many alarming statistics out there, such as the fact that a third of fish have stomachs lined with microplastics, or the lesser known yet equally shocking fact that synthetic clothing and textiles are the number 1 source of microplastic pollution in the oceans. As someone who works in the fashion industry, I always stress that choosing natural and recycled fibres is of equal importance to avoiding single-use plastic bottles and saying no to carrier bags and excess packaging.

We are also currently consuming ONE MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES A MINUTE, 91% of which are never properly recycled. Most of these will end up in our oceans eventually and there is just no excuse anymore for this sort of resource exploitation. We have no plastic bottles at REV within our beauty section, and we are working extremely hard to get rid of any plastic that still exists within our supply chain (which is very little!). It’s really not that difficult if you just say no to it – people will have to adapt. And we all absolutely have to adapt to a plastic free future. 

Discover the tee

I designed the tee shirt with the help of my husband Jamie, who is equally committed to sustainable living and shares the stories of brands that do good through his newly launched creative agency Garden Studio. It was great being able to bring our creative minds together and bring this impactful slogan tee to life. These were then produced locally in England by Rapanui, an amazing ethical and sustainable factory on the Isle of Wight. They are made entirely from organic and traceable cotton. 100% of the profits of the tee sales will go directly to Save The Seas foundation, helping to fund solutions and raise awareness regarding bettering the state of our oceans. Learn more about the tee itself and it’s own sustainability story here.