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Wylde Thing

Designer Lucette Romy Talks All Things Wylde And The Challenges Of Local Production

Australian designer, photographer and artist Lucette Romy’s brand ‘The Wylde’ is arguably one to lookout for when it comes to selecting the perfect eco conscious and sustainable loungewear piece. The line offers pieces that feel sophisticated, yet easy going, and that translate from bed to beach to bar, or from a fast paced city to a breezy island.


Methods of the brand’s design practices include using certified organic textiles, natural plant dyes and ethical manufacturing. With the whole production process held locally in Bali, we talk to Lucette to learn more about the brand’s ethos and the struggles they might have faced given the recent explosion of Mount Agung.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and what lead to the creation of your line ? 


I grew up in a little beach town in Sydney called Cronulla, and for the past 5 years have been living in Bali. Growing up, I was always making my own clothes with my mum and knitting every winter. It was so much fun to be able to make my own pieces and I loved having clothes that were different to what everyone else was wearing. Whilst living in Bali I started working with some really talented seamstress to make my own clothes as I didn’t have any access to a sewing machine and it was so easy. I was sourcing amazing local textiles and having one of a kind pieces made. In the process I had a lot of friends ask if I could get pieces made for them as well. Initially I didn’t plan to start a clothing line but I wasn’t finding what I wanted to wear in the industry and also how I believed eco friendly and sustainable clothing could be made better. It really inspired me to start The Wylde and share designs that were still on trend, but wouldn’t age and also were kind to the earth and the wearer.

The designs are sketched out in Australia and the line is made in Bali, could you explain the production process of a piece ? 


I travel a lot and even though I have been based out of Bali for the last 5 years I frequently travel back to Australia to visit family. Our Head office is in Australia and this is where all of our designs are dreamt up, sketched out and finalised. All designs are finalised in Australia before we begin the sampling process in Bali with our talented pattern maker and seamstress team. Once we have finalised the design sketches, ideas and color palette I  take them to Bali for the magic making to begin. Being on the ground in Bali when the collections are coming together is essential for me as we might go through 5-10 samples of just one design until it is completely right.

Organic Cotton Earth Kimono

I fit model all of the pieces to ensure they fit properly and am very hands on in ensuring the quality and structure of every design is perfect. I will wear the collection personally for a minimum of 3 months to ensure that the wash and wear of the textile, sewing, fit and design stays in condition before approving any pieces for production. It is so integral to me that the clothes are made with thought, care and durability. We work toward a slow fashion ethos and the importance of this process ensures that the pieces will not break down quickly and will last for years and years to come.

How did the irruption of Mount Agung affect Bali and what were the struggles you faced with The Wylde ? 


Luckily with the eruption of Mt. Agung it was not in close proximity to our factory so there was no immediate danger to our staff, however Mt. Agung is an active volcano and the threat of a fatal eruption is a high risk. Whenever there is a high risk eruption, the locals that live in the region and base of the Mountain need to be evacuated. A lot of our staff have families that live in this area and it is important to ensure that in this times of crisis our staff are able to be with their families and help and aid their village in the evacuation or any needs that follow this. Usually during this time our factory may close or we have a skeleton staff on team still working.

It can slow down production times, but our priority in this situation is the safety and well being of everyone who works with The Wylde and any aid they may need.

Just this last week, there have been several earthquakes which have devastated the neighbouring island of Lombok to Bali, and the earthquakes and after shocks experienced in Bali have also been incredible scary for our staff. We are very lucky to have not been affected with any damages, though our thoughts are with everyone in Lombok. If you would like to aid in helping the people of Lombok to rebuild and receive the medical attention and care they are in desperate need of you can donate to Indonesia Aid - indonesiaaid.org or to IDEP - kitabisa.com/gempalombok2018 and fundrazr.com/lombokearthquake

Bamboo Water Pant

If ‘The Wylde’ were a woman how would you describe her ? 


Each month we feature a new Wylde Woman on our blog in ode to the women who inspire us. I think one of my favorite and most brilliant description of a Wylde Woman was written by my beautiful, dear and talented friend and singer Indigo Sparke.

“I think a Wylde Woman is woman that trust herself. A women that knows her boundares, yet pushes the limits. A woman that can make fearless decisions with pure inspired intentions and graceful actions. A woman who speaks and shares herself honestly and authentically. A woman who is for women, and who is for men equally. A woman who realises that both feminine and masculine live harmoniously within and inform different aspects of our personalities. A woman who explores sexuality as a free and fluid thing without guilt or shame but with mindful conjuring. A Wylde Woman is without form, ever changing, a muse, a mother, a sister, lover, friend. A reflection of nature, vast and chaotic, wildly beautiful, running rivers, oceans, storms, clouds and blue sky. Above all she is a woman who can take responsibility for herself. There is real strength that comes from being vulnerable enough to look at yourself. A Wylde Woman is a witch, a with woman, who is in a deep and holy whole commune with the Universe and Nature, the Sun, the Stars and the Moon.”

Despite the recent irruption, Bali is a major tourist destination that is facing huge challenges when it comes to plastic pollution, how would you encourage people to travel more sustainably ?  


Traveling sustainably can be so tricky, as soon as you get to the airport they make you throw away your water and everything becomes plastic and disposable. Sometimes using plastic can be impossible to avoid but with a little bit of preparation and a positive and conscious attitude to the waste problem the earth is facing it is easy to prepare. There is ALWAYS somewhere to fill up your water bottle, and in Bali I know the options seem limited as you can’t drink the tap water, but there are water gallons available everywhere as long as you ask, I’m sure someone will be happy to refill your reusable bottle for you!


Organic Cotton Earth Kimono


I always make sure to travel with the following items :
- Canvas tote bag
- Bamboo or stainless steel reusable straw and straw cleaner (we even sell bamboo straws on The Wylde)
- Bamboo reusable cutlery
- Stainless steel water bottle
- If you’re not planning on flying, take a glass jar with you or thermos to get your juice, coffee, smoothie etc put in when ordering takeaway! (sometimes airport security might take glass off you if in your carry on)
I’m sure there are so many things I could list, but these are definitely my top tips for traveling and on the go.

 Do you have a favorite sustainable location in Bali to recommend ? 


Bambu Indah in Ubud is incredible! They are definitely a must visit, not just for their sustainability but also the beauty and energy of the resort is divine. It’s situated right on a river bed and all the little houses are made using bamboo. Every morning they do a trash walk through and by the river which you can be involved in. They grow most of their own produce for the kitchen on site.. Ahhh there are so many beautiful elements to this place and I know I have found a lot of inspiration spending time there that’s for sure!