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Your Zero Waste Kit Sorted

Our friends at Pebble Mag are setting us up to move towards zero waste

It's easier than you might think

“Here in Britain alone, we get through 7 million coffee cups a day, millions of plastic bottles, countless bits of plastic, from stirrers and straws to takeaway forks – we are constantly consuming and disposing bits of plastic without a thought.”


The introduction to this piece by our go-to destination for tips on constantly improving our green lifestyle, pebble mag, speaks volumes as to what the waste issue looks like for our planet. As mentioned in our 2018 resolutions, cutting back on excess is one of our top goals for 2018, so we wanted to share their fabulous (and simple) guide for anyone wanting to make a significant change in their environmental impact this year as well.


We share the first two things they are calling for to get started down the path of a zero, or just less, waste lifestyle.




we are constantly consuming and disposing bits of plastic without a thought

Whilst we all wish we could eat lunch like this every day – white table cloth, silverwear, etc. – the reality is we are all normally grabbing things to go, eating at our desks or quickly sitting down to an abbreviated meal somewhere fast and simple. The best thing we can do in these scenarios is be prepared and thoughtful as to the accessories that go along with our eating habits.


Here comes the now indispensable roles of reusable cutlery and foldable chopsticks. These little things should live in your purse or have a permanent place in your desk drawer in order to allow you to say no to plastic knives and forks. It allows you to prevent trees from being cut down to make those little chopsticks that we eat a few pieces of sushi with and then toss away. These small changes add up quickly when we all commit to them and it only takes a one time investment in most cases.

Want to see the full story? Head HERE to learn the other zero waste essentials you’ll need to start out and where to get your hands on them.