How to avoid making fusion food, confusing food by Detox Life

Sustainable conscious living and new beginnings with Johanna Ljunggren of Detox Life
Reve en vert interview with Detox Life sustainable living cooking fashion



Johanna grew up in four continents, developing at an early age, a vast knowledge and interest in food and culture. Later, after years working as a fashion stylist, yoga teacher, and self-taught culinary artist, Johanna developed a bigger interest in trying to influence her audience to explore and to live healthier lifestyles. Her constant exploration of new ways of creative communication, made her the influential figure she is today. She continues adapting new ways to share important messages around yoga, art, beauty, fashion, food, and sustainability and today we talk about how we need to change the lifestyles we aspire to and how we can all reconnect with a love of nature to help solve the climate crisis in a way that is both effective and nourishing. It’s a talk about changing mindsets and goals to be more in harmony with nature and how this can be done whilst still acknowledging the reality of the word we live in today.



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