Pricing Manifesto



We have moved away from marking our clothing down and steep sales. In the name of transparency we wanted to share with consumers the logic behind this decision.

As we grew alongside other retailers, we realized in order to compete we would constantly need to offer discounts and take our sales up to as much as 80%. This was juxtaposed with our ethos, which was to sell beautiful, sustainable fashion that had been produced consciously and with a quality made to last. Discounting it down to even less than it was originally made for seemed very wrong to us as an ethical company, as well as the designers we represent.

Therefore we have tried to move away from too much “seasonal” fashion, an effort that has been wonderfully refreshing at a time when the industry seems to be speeding up to a level that is completely unsustainable-both for those who produce it and on the environment. We want to keep the site fresh and new, so we will constantly be introducing lines that we feel could be sold as easily in April as they could in September, making it easier for our consumers to put together an evergreen wardrobe and reducing the need to shift fashion quickly and call it obsolete when it is no longer on trend for that particular season.

We appreciate that sustainable fashion is not inexpensive, and one of our solutions to this has been to create our own line of sustainable luxury staples, REV by Rêve En Vert, that sells direct to consumer and therefore takes out the middleman costs. We also can stand by the costs reflected in our prices due to the craftsmanship, innovative materials and environmental respect each of our designers produce with.

We believe our products are worth what they cost, and if you ever have any issue with an item purchased from us we will happily work with you to repair or replace it!


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