Todd White, founder of @dryfarmwines

Todd White, founder of @dryfarmwines


Todd White, founder of @dryfarmwines

“We don’t think about the quality of our business in terms of how much money we make, because we make enough to be comfortable. We think of it in terms of how can we create an obsessively better product and an obsessively better contribution of service and experience to our customers and members, and how can we create a community that is healthier, that is serving something greater than the simple pursuit of the American dollar.”


Todd White

“You go to the vineyard with the farmer, because he’s not a wine maker he’s a wine grower, he’s a farmer, he believes what I believe. The inherent quality of the fruit, which is why organic farming and dry farming matter, the inherent quality and character of the fruit – that’s going to determine everything about the taste of the wine. And so there’s very little you can do naturally from the time you harvest and ferment a grape, to impact the way it tastes. You’re working basically with indigenous yeast which is already on the skin of the grape, and the grape juice itself. That’s all there is.”


Todd White




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The average customer lacks access to information that could help them estimate the carbon footprint of the items they purchase, even though 4 out of 5 consumers say climate impact is a factor in who they decide to purchase with. Dane Baker and Peter Twomey recognized this missing information and created EcoCart as a solution.

EcoCart has already empowered over 2,000 brands to embark on their climate-positive journey. Their innovative carbon-offsetting tool seamlessly integrates with ecommerce brand’s checkout pages to calculate carbon emissions, and then enables either merchants or shoppers (or both!) to pay to offset those emissions, based on the brand’s budget. EcoCart firmly believes that companies should reduce carbon emissions in addition to offsetting, and also provides brands with insightful Life Cycle Analysis to further enhance their environmental impact.

Ecocart exists to lower the barrier to entry for ecommerce brands wanting to become more climate-friendly. We here at REV believe hugely in the power of reducing carbon at every step along a brand’s journey and this is a tool that can help with that whilst helping educate consumers at the same time. EcoCart helps companies transparently tell their sustainability story to align with their customers’ values.

Go to to book a demo and if you hop on a call with EcoCart they’ll cover the cost to offset a day’s worth of carbon emissions from your online store if you mention Rêve En Vert!







Vivobarefoot, is a natural health lifestyle B Corp on a mission to reconnect people into the natural world and human natural potential, from the ground up, foot by foot, person by person.

Created by two cousins from a long line of cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot draws upon simple barefoot design principles: wide, thin and flexible, for optimum foot health and natural movement. Check out the science and start your barefoot journey on VivoHealth, a growing body of courses and experiences guided by natural health experts.

On a quest to become a net-positive business for regeneration of human and planetary health, Vivobarefoot also runs ReVivo, the first of its kind secondary market for professionally reconditioned footwear to keep them on feet and away from landfills; and the Livebarefoot Fund, an in-house impact hub catalysing mission-aligned innovation, research and advocacy programs. See the latest Unfinished Business impact report to learn more on what it takes to create a regenerative business.

Get 15% off your first Vivobarefoot order with the code ‘REVENVERT15’ at





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What To Wear To A Vineyard

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Wren Hand Smocked Dress
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Siesta Jute Sandals in Tostado
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