“she who loves movement,

she who values slowness,

  she who seeks adventure.”


– The she she Philosophy


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Can you tell us a bit about the mission behind she she retreats?  

They take a contemporary approach to well-being without being rigid and the guests don’t have to follow a strict schedule or enforce detoxing.  

There will be room for living and thinking one thought until it is done.  


What drew you into collaboration with them?  

What I love about Albertine’s (the founder) take on retreats is that they are dedicated to holistic creative well-being experiences. Crafting is very much part of that journey and as you know Cora, my mantra is to work an overactive mind down from the head, through the heart and out into the hands. 

Crafting rituals have always been an essential part of life, yet over time we have lost our touch and rituals have become routines.   When self-care becomes superficial, it loses its contact with the spirit. We feel a disconnect – twist and turn from one type of self-improvement to another.  

The crafting rituals I will be sharing during the retreat are all lived and practiced over years, it is such a lovely way to broaden the perspective of wellness. It becomes less about improvement and more about being in the moment, acceptance of what comes up and out. 

Take smudge binding, you pick the herbs you want and bind them with flowers and string. Every smudge will be unique and there is no need for perfection.  Yes, we will be moving through the body with the more traditional yoga poses, but there is also time for exploring how to use your imagination.





“We are staying in an enchanting 13th-century monastery, high in the hills of the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. A truly unique location, that will steal your heart the minute you set foot on the blessed grounds and catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing southwest ocean views.”


– Johanna Ljunggren



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What is the focus of your upcoming retreat? 

For the physical part it, fascia and lymph health weaved into the more classical vinyasa flow.  

You want the lymphatic fluid in your body to be clean and ever-flowing. 

I like to use the visualization of the current climate disruption that is the cause of drought, uprooted dams, and floods that leave devastating marks in nature, the same system is in our bodies. Instead of focusing on the stretch and strength – the movements will guide the practitioner through the inner web that holds everything together. 

Fascia Vinyasa are carefully selected sequences where repetitive movement and stretching become one. You connect with the belly of the muscle and embrace the power of resisting instead of straining with extreme action.  


Why is it so important that this is female based to you?  

I find that the competition between women can be quite destructive. Spending time together talking or in silence can help us learn about ourselves and how to function in a community that is built on love and respect.  


How are you incorporating sustainability into the retreat itself? 

I will address social sustainability in the crafting sessions, and why I believe it is imperative that we question the current wellness industry built on acquiring financial capital on the account of natural capital. That it is important to respect the cultures that have given us this gift of exploring body, mind, and soul. Take Palo Santo that is an endangered tree, what can we use instead?

I want to show alternative ways to build a holistic and sustainable wellness ritual.  

Also, I am sure the nature that surrounds us will have an impact. 

We are staying in an enchanting 13th-century monastery, high in the hills of the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. 

A truly unique location, that will steal your heart the minute you set foot on the blessed grounds and catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing southwest ocean views. 



What do you hope the takeaways will be for the women who join you?  

In a society fascinated by icons or finding inner goddesses, I want to redirect focus on becoming more human. 

It is the “ordinary” humans who have stood for the real revolution and evolution, I find that extremely powerful. 

I hope they can embrace their humanness and appreciate the sweet mundane task in life that help us slow down and reconnect.  


Finally, for anyone unable to attend the retreat would you have some tips for conscious living they can practice from their own space? 

Oh, I love cooking, and if the season allows, growing the produce myself.   

It is such a beautiful task that just connects me to my feet and breath. Standing barefoot in the kitchen laying out whatever is in the fridge and pantry. Dimming the lights, putting on a record or playlist.  

I recommend everyone to cook, even if it is making an omelet or a sandwich. The best part is that you can share your meal.  

Other than that, working the fascia with simple movements, you can see some on my IG page. 5-10 minutes and that tech neck is gone!



Symphony of You
 – Running the 13 – 18th of June, 2023.

A retreat where spring meets summer in a hilltop monastery near Deià, Mallorca.

Check in :

Tuesday between 4-6pm

Check out Sunday between 10-11pm

More details HERE! 



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