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For Washing

We’ve been conditioned (no pun intended) to turn back to the culprits of our limp roots and ends in attempt to save them with yet more artificial gloss. But why should we when we can turn to plants instead? Our collection of natural hair shampoos are free from synthetics and unfriendly fragrances that are not only unkind to our hair but to the planet too. Some of our favourites come from labels local to us in the UK, La Eva and Haeckels. They also choose to package their products in glass as opposite to plastic.


For Brushing

As well as looking much chicer on your bedside table, these artisanal brushes by Glasshouse promise to be gentler on tangles than most nylon spiked paddles, thanks to their wooden pins designed to glide from root to tip, leaving no static frizz or flyaways in their tracks.  The pins are heat-treated to prevent water absorption, meaning each stroke helps distribute and lock in sebum; the scalp’s naturally occurring enhancer of sleekness, rather than sweeping it away.  Finer hair types are equally well served with wild boar bristled variations that allow for soft, tug-free combing.  Glasshouse take pride in their environmental commitment; holding an FSC certification that ensures conservation of the world’s forests is always prioritised in their practices.


For Ponytails

…and wrists. It’s every minimalist’s must-have and the REV team’s favourite alternative to twangy elastic bands. We’re of course talking about the humble scrunchy, which has made a comeback in stonewashed linen, all thanks to Arkitaip.  This Austrian born, London-based label take zero-waste production to the next level by transforming their off-cuts into stylish versions of the accessories that make us all nostalgic for our schooldays.  Well, kind of.  On an even more eco-note, approximately 15 million synthetic hair elastics are purchased every single day in the United States. It would be great if they biodegraded as easily as they disappeared, but seeing as the reality is about 10 minutes versus 500 years, we’re happy to swap them for these softer, sustainable alternatives that are also much less likely to damage our hair.


Hair, Rose Pink Linen Scrunchie, £15

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Hair, Yellow Linen Scrunchie, £15

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For Shine

If your hair feels dry, brittle, damaged…or all of the above, then there’s a good chance it’s crying out for some vitamin E.  Found in the majority of hair oils; E’s antioxidant qualities help promote blood circulation, keeping your follicles healthy and shiny.  If this magical ingredient claims to be a key part of every oil and serum you own but you’re yet to notice its benefits, this could be down to the addition of synthetics. Many hair products are designed to deliver fast results, meaning that restoring properties of natural ingredients are sometimes compromised by quick-fix properties of chemicals that end in ‘cone, ‘ben and ‘late.  Make sure you’re giving your strands the longterm nourishment they need by opting for a plant-based oil, like this one by nothing-to-hide label By Sarah London, which contains a bespoke blend of certified-organic Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and of course Vitamin E. A little goes a long way.



For Up-Dos

Gone are the days of turning to plastic clips and grips for anything more complicated than a ponytail, for we can now turn to recycled teak and tamarind, courtesy of SAYA Designs. Hand carved by Balinese artisans using wood salvaged from harvested plantations; these smooth, modernist slides add charm and character to every bun, plait and twist.  Each one is sanded down to the finest grain and coated in waxes and natural oils to preserve the health of your strands and allow for smooth styling whatever your hair type or texture. Committed to conservation; SAYA ensure that each hairpin gives back to the environment it came from, putting up to ten endangered tree species in its place within rainforests across Indonesia. Happy planting!


Hair, The Tapioca Wooden Hair Pin, £28

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