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The Kinfill team believes that our homes give so much meaning to the people that live in them and when it comes to creating a cleaner planet, it all starts with the actions we take at home. By making conscious choices and taking positive steps ourselves, we become the catalyst for change, inspiring others to join the movement towards a cleaner plant, we proudly call home.

When Reda Jouahri founded Kinfill, he challenged the cleaning industry by taking the lead in reducing the footprint of an entire industry and prioritising environmental responsibility. By developing a collection of refillable, 100% biodegradable cleaning products made to blend at home with tap water, Kinfill eliminated single-use plastic and the need for unnecessary water transportation, setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry. All products are made using clean, safe ingredients that are also vegan and cruelty-free.





So What's Wrong With Conventional Cleaning Products?


Conventional cleaning products often contain a host of harmful ingredients that can pose risk to both our health and the environment. They often contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine  and phthalates and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which can irritate your skin, eyes, cause dizziness and headaches as well as leading to more serious respiratory issues. Volatile organic compounds are a group of dangerous chemicals that easily evaporate into the air at room temperature, commonly found in traditional cleaning formulas. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic substance that has the potential to cause cancer and is found in certain types of furniture polish or air fresheners. Not only are you being exposed to these chemicals while cleaning, but they’re then left behind on these surfaces, often in enclosed spaces with little ventilation. 

Prolonged exposure to these nasty chemicals can be particularly bad for those who already have existing health problems.





The Environment


These production and disposal of conventional cleaning products can also have a significant environmental impact. Many of the chemicals used in these products are derived from non-renewable resources such as petroleum. The extraction, refining and transportation of petroleum not only results in greenhouse gas emissions, but the release of these harmful chemicals into the environment also results in water and air pollution, as well as soil contamination.

As these products are washed down drains or flushed down loos, petroleum-based chemicals can contaminate water sources which accumulate in rivers, lakes and oceans, posing major risks to aquatic ecosystems and wildlife. Conventional cleaning products are more often than not, made from plastic (a petroleum-based material), which can take hundreds of years to decompose or break down. While these non-recyclable materials are sat in landfill they can release toxic greenhouse gasses into the environment, such as carbon dioxide and methane.





Kinfills Alternatives - Natural Ingredients


So, Kinfill is here to offer you some sustainable alternatives that won’t harm you or the environment! Kinfill’s beautiful range is developed solely from clean ingredients and completely free from substances that contain volatile organic compounds, and so are safe to be used around you, pregnant / nursing women, children and animals. Kinfill’s range do not contain palm oil, aluminum, formaldehyde, phthalate, mineral oils, paraben, silicone, sodium lauryl sulphate or toluene (all the bad ingredients)! The natural ingredients used are just as effective as conventional cleaning products. They work to remove grease, grime and dust from every surface within your home without compromising the environment.

Choosing Your Scent


We know how important specific scents are to the overall ambiance of our homes, and sometimes the smell of strong traditional bleach can take away from that. All of Kinfill’s cleaning kits come in a number of different scents and are designed to look and smell as good as everything else in your space. You can choose from Pine Husk, Naranja, Lavender Fields, Cucumic or Ambrette, there really is something for everyone! However just to note, soon their scents will switch to Ambrette, Tangerine, Menthe, Brune N°79! Certain scents also have aromatherapy benefits that can positively impact your mood and well-being. For example, lavender is known for its calming properties, while citrus scents can be energising and uplifting.




Bathroom, Multi Surface Cleaner Kit, £23

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Home, Kitchen Cleaner Kit, £23

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We all know how cluttered our cleaning cupboards can get, filled with countless brands and products, but when it comes to cleaning, simplicity can be surprisingly effective. Kinfill’s collection could be the perfect answer to decluttering your cupboards, and streamline your cleaning routine into just a few multipurpose products. 

Featured here is The Multi Surface Cleaner Kit and The Kitchen Cleaner Kit. Many conventional multi-purpose cleaners contain volatile organic compounds to help dissolve grease, dirt and grime while leaving surfaces shiny. Kinfill’s cleaning range do all of the above without the need for these nasty ingredients and instead use powerful natural formulas that are designed to be delicate yet extremely efficient to your home.

Refillable Options


Something we love about the Kinfill range of cleaning products is their commitment to sustainability throughout all aspects of their production processes. Not only are Kinfill’s products plastic-free, but they also offer refillable options, a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional single-use products. This significantly reduces waste by allowing you to re-use the same bottle time after time, saving companies the need to manufacture new packaging with each purchase. This approach not only helps to reduce the amount of plastering entering our landfills and oceans, but also promotes a more circular economy where resources are conserved and reused. Kinfill’s Glass Forever Bottle speaks for itself! These refillable bottles are made from Italian glass and have been developed to be fully and easily recyclable, ensuring materials are properly disposed of and do not end up in landfills like many conventional cleaning products. The caps used for Kinfill’s refill vials are also recyclable. These refillable bottles encourage us to think more mindfully about the products we buy and the effect these everyday products have on the environment. 

These refillable vials couldn’t be easier to use… All you have to do is pour the entire refill vial into your Forever Bottle, and fill the bottle up with tap water. Twist the trigger spray back on and you’re ready to go!





Other Sustainable Swaps For Your Spring Clean


Opting for refillable and eco-friendly cleaning products is a great way to reduce your own plastic usage with the environment in mind, but there are also some other ways for a more sustainable Spring Clean!


Reusable Cleaning Cloths / Sponges 

We’d always encourage people to opt for reusable cleaning cloths that can be washed and reused multiple times, instead of using disposable paper towels. Despite being made from paper, disposable towels are not necessarily eco-friendly due to their single-use nature and resource-intensive production process. They are also often treated with chemical additives to enhance their absorbency, which can be harmful to human health and the environment, particularly when released into the air or water during their production and disposal. Choosing cloths and sponges that are made from natural materials such as plant fibres can be a great way to reduce your environmental impact. Natural sponges are biodegradable and can be composted at the end of their life. 


Donating or Repurposing Items 

If you are having a clear out of any of your old unwanted items, we’d always encourage people to consider donating them to charity or repurposing them for new uses. By donating or giving away household goods, it extends the lifecycle of products and is a great way to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste ending up in landfills. It’s a simple yet impactful way to make a positive difference while decluttering your home! 


Sustainable Hand Wash 

The annual spring clean is often associated with renewal and fresh starts. If it’s something you were already considering, It’s an excellent time to declutter your space and introduce some other sustainable, reusable products to your home. Kinfill’s refillable hand wash is a fantastic alternative to traditional hand washes which contain ingredients that are harsh or drying and filled with artificial fragrances. This Wild Peony Hand Wash is infused with plant-based extracts of chia, ginseng and shea butter, designed to hydrate, protect and nourish your skin. This formula is free from mineral oils and silicones. 

Kinfill’s Soap Bar Bundle is another sustainable alternative to conventional soaps. Included in this bundle is the Hand Soap Bar in Lavender Fields, a hydrating hand soap infused with jojoba oil and other natural hydrating ingredients. It contains antibacterial properties to cleanse and nourish your hands, particularly after a day of cleaning. This formula not only saves at least six plastic bottles due to its long-lasting nature and plastic free packaging, but also offers safe, gentle ingredients for sensitive skin. The Soap Bar bundle also comes with an organic shampoo bar and natural body bar!

Bathroom, Hand Care Duo in Wild Peony, £76

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Bath and Shower, The Soap Bar Bundle, £40

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Conserving Water 

Using our water consumption mindfully is another easy way to make your spring clean a more sustainable one! Practicing water saving techniques throughout your everyday activities is a great cost-efficient way to minimise your resource consumption and environmental footprint. While cleaning, consider using a bucket instead of running water from the tap.


Sustainable Reed Diffusers 

Conventional reed diffusers are not considered sustainable due their reliance on synthetic fragrances and chemical additives. These fragrances and additives are often produced using non-renewable resources and can emit volatile organic compounds into the air, which we are also exposed to. They also usually come in single-use glass or plastic bottles, which means once the diffuser liquid is depleted, the entire product is discarded rather than being reused or recycled. 

Kinfill offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional reed diffusers, which are thoughtfully designed to fill any room with refined scents. Their reed diffusers come with a 250ml refillable fragrance in a glass bottle along with a ceramic tray, and 5 natural bamboo sticks. Ethically crafted in Portugal, this composition combines glass and ceramic for a unique and durable design, adding charm to your space without compromising the planet. The Reed Diffuser in Flowershop offers a blend of bursting blooms, freshly cut stems, crips greens and crushed petals, perfect for a refreshing spring scent. 

We think these reed diffusers also make a great gift to encourage family and friends to opt towards living a more conscious lifestyle!




Candles and Scents, Reed Diffuser in Flowershop, £63

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Candles and Scents, Scented Candle in Flowershop, £45

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By integrating more sustainable products into our everyday lives, we can embrace a more conscious way of living while minimising our impact on the environment. Kinfill’s cleaning range provides an eco-friendly alternative to conventional cleaning products, while also ensuring we are not exposing our bodies to harmful chemicals, commonly used in traditional cleaning formulas. We thought a Spring Clean was the perfect opportunity to try some conscious cleaning products!



Our Kinfill Spring Cleaning Essentials

Multi Surface Cleaner Kit
The Full House Collection
Yoga Mat Cleaner Kit
Hand Care Duo in Wild Peony
Hand Wash in Bergamote
Reed Diffuser in Flowershop
The Soap Bar Bundle
Relaxing Pillow Mist – Chamomile & Mandarin

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