Ámpi Pillow Cover



The perfect ethical wool pillow cover to match with almost any hue in your home. Two-sided pillow cover with striped details. Due to the artisanal nature of these pieces, please note every pillow cover is different. Woven for MANTO on a manual loom, in the high mountain town of San Isidro, at 2,900 meters above sea level, Salta, Argentina. Made from 100% Andean native sheep wool, hand-spun and hand-dyed. Size is 75 x 75 cm.

Please note this item ships from London! 


artisanal production


charitable giveback

Charitable Giveback

hand made

Hand Made

natural fibres

Natural Fibres


San Isidro, Salta, Northen Argentina.


Clara de la Torre, Founder and Creative Director at Manto.

Argentine Crafted Wool Textiles

MANTO, derived from the word Anaqmanta which, in Quechua language, means ‘from heaven’, is a sensitive contemporary brand that integrates the artisanal tradition of the spinners and weavers of the native peoples of northern Argentina with the heritage of the city’s tailoring trade.


MANTO values the absolute precision of manual know-how, respecting the individuality of all those involved in the creative and production process of its one-of-a-kind items.


MANTO is contemporary design and craftsmanship. It is the relationship between the mountain and the city. It is to value the know-how. It is elegance recovered in its essence. It is the dignity and respect of a cultural legacy. It is the commitment to the historical heritage.


ALLWINA helps to facilitate this beautiful partnership between maker and client through the beginning to end journey of the product. 


100% Andean Native Sheep and Llama Wool

Utilising Northern Argentine fibers in its collections, MANTO ensures all their items are made with high-standard materials offering high durability. The artisans who make MANTO fabrics source the wool from their own sheep production or neighbours that are local farmers ensuring local support and excellence. 

Compositions vary from sheep to llama; the wool is spined 100% by hand for women, to be dyed when they introduce colour and then weaved by men.

The wool, when coming from small local businesses, is obtained many times under barter exchange, a system still used in those communities.


Argentine Craftsmanship

MANTO tweeds are made in a 100% artisanal process. MANTO designs the pieces and then the artisans make them; MANTO works with each of these expert, self-managed family businesses to produce their one-of-a-kind pieces.


Spinning involves shearing, cleaning the fleece by separating the long, coarse fibres from the fine, short ones. Just then it is spun by hand, with patience and great skill, until a fine thread is achieved.

By tradition, women are the ones who spin.


All the tweeds are made on a criollo loom, by hand. By history and heritage, men are the ones who weave.


Many of the items are dye free. However, the introduction of colour is an attribute of some weaving communities for whom colour is really important, it is associated with cultural aspects.

The dyeing process is a zero-waste process.


It is the pride of a traditional trade in which the desire to achieve perfection is hereditary.


MANTO designs its own prints in-house, in an experimental creative process. They are made by hand using the technique of screen printing.


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