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Golden Shrooms – Energy & Immune Magic



This adaptogenic mushroom formula, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, contains carefully selected organic ingredients that have traditionally been used to support the body in moments of exertion. Reishi is a powerful adaptogenic mushroom that stabilises our immune system function, promoting a healthy immune system. It is also renowned for its ability to improve quality of sleep and has an anti-inflammatory action which is typical of adaptogens. Size is 40g and about 40 servings.


hand made

Hand Made

natural ingredients

Natural Ingredients

organic materials


plastic free

Plastic free

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How We Like To Enjoy This Product.

Add 1/2 teaspoon (1g) of Golden Shrooms to hot water, mylk, teas and coffee. Golden Shrooms is a versatile food supplement that is an excellent addition to baking, smoothies, shakes, juices and tonics.

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Created by Tom & Zoe in 2014, Wunder Workshop is inspired by Ayurveda and the "Science of Life".

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Enjoy this supplement added to mylk, teas, smoothies, coffee and in baking.

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