Luisa Acqua Glasses in Pink – Set of 2



This set of light pink glasses is crafted from Borosilicate glass known for its pure and resistant quality, shaped with traditional mouth blowing technique. Every piece of glassware is unique and made entirely by artisan hands in Italy. Size is 8 X  9 cm. Hand wash with soft sponge and dry using a soft cloth, avoid the use of any abrasive detergents or materials when cleaning and drying the glass.  Available for purchase in USA, please email us for shipping  outside of the USA at customerservice@revenvert.com and we can work with you on delivery! 


artisanal production


hand made

Hand Made

locally sourced

Locally Made

natural materials

Natural Materials

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R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware

R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware

Character created through honest traditions.

R+D.Lab are a creative studio driven by a reverence for aesthetics and purpose. They believe in the beauty of form, power of colour, and character created through honest traditions. Providing experience and the impetus for collaborative exchange with classic artisans and small traditional manufacturers – together, they work as a team to create highly distinctive products that are functional, sustainable and meaningful for modern life.

The principles of R + D products.


Made from natural resources – glass, textile, stone, ceramic.

Reverence for heritage and process – artisan, craftsmanship, unhurried production, embracing imperfection.

Informed by new sensibilities – unique aesthetics, experimental products, multi-use.

Driven by desire for experience – high quality, no compromise, detail focused.

R+D.Lab sustainable ethical glassware

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